24 Days of Xmas : Amy

1. Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you do, why did you start blogging? I’m Amy Harris. I’m a 20-year-old Media, Communication and Cultural Studies student at Newcastle University and a freelance writer. I love reading, writing, watching lots of Netflix and I absolutely love Christmas! I started blogging because I love to write and found an interest in the blogging community. The idea … Continue reading 24 Days of Xmas : Amy

Hunkemoller Lingerie Review

Just because I am a mum doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a little sexy time with my husband, I believe intimacy and making an effort for my husband and him doing the same is super important in a relationship. Many people have children and forget about their relationship, they forget they need to make time for themselves and have kisses, snog and make an effort … Continue reading Hunkemoller Lingerie Review