About us

This blog is about our family of 6. We live in West Yorkshire we enjoying travelling, days out, visiting new places, exploring the areas around us and further away.

I am mum, Gemma – My interests include ice skating, reading, dancing, karaoke, bike riding eating chocolate and I have a constant passion for learning and gaining new knowledge. I love people, public speaking, networking and getting to know others. I enjoy gaming on PS4 and XBOX, I love property, personal finance and also travelling and exploring.

Dad of the family, Craig loves anything Xbox, PlayStation, movies or anything heavy metal. Favourite band probably metallica or Pantera and favourite console probably PS2. Knows every game every existing and every Superhero on the planet and he loves Star Wars so much we named our son Kylo

Oldest son Bradley loves Fortnight and Minecraft – He is a great swimming, dancer (even though he won’t admit it) He is a perfectionist with his work, quick as a calculator with his maths and very artistic. Favourite food is probably pepperoni pizza followed by a pack of jammy dodgers.

Oldest daughter, Summer, If you have ever seen the show Matilda this is who summer is modelled on. She loves reading, writing and is definitely teachers pet. Every parents evening they say the same thing ‘Summer is a dream to teach, she is outstanding in every area’ Shame she has so much attitude at home but I think she just needs to find a hobby. She loves Coronation street and also doing hair. Her dream job was a vet until she realised you have to put animals down when they are sick.

Youngest daughter, Ruby, the clown of the family. If you need someone to cheer you up when your down you need Ruby. The life and soul of the party, the silliest, only child who has ever been in hospital (she cracked her head open) (not as gory as it sounds although did look scary at the time with all the blood leaving her head) . She is the sweetest girl and more popular at school then brothers and sisters (I think this as she gets more party invites) She tries her best to fit in and be friends with everyone.

Youngest son, Kylo. Well at 2 years he is a little monster. He sleeps well unless getting a tooth, he loves cars, building and likes something to eat at all times. We are still continually learning about him as he is still a little new but he is very cuddly and loving but can play quite rough with siblings and cousins.

So that is it – That is all of us.