Stanley Villa Farm Review

Let me start this review by saying I have never been camping, the thought of spiders, the dark and the cold completely puts me off. I don’t want to travel somewhere and spend an hour putting up a tent especially with 4 kids around, then sorting everything out. Normally we go on holidays to hotels and log cabins where everything is made for you and sorted out before you get there primarily because I am lazy I would say.


Anyway we were gifted the opportunity to go camping but in a camping pod in Blackpool, or rather just on the outskirts of blackpool, now I love blackpool. I have great memories of being a kid there and going every year with my grand parents. We went to the pleasure beach every year, rode on the big wheel on the piers and had a lovely time in the WMC at night time dancing the night away and then having supper on the way back to our hotel. This Stanley Villa farm is literally 15 minutes drive away from Blackpool.

So I took a look at the website for this pod and realised they do sleep 4, they are pretty close to each other so you can buy 2 but we decided to just take the girls and leave the boys at grandmas, which they were delighted with. So we arrived at the campsite with a hut on the left and the right, a large field, a large lake and around 20 lovely little huts. We knocked on the window of the shed and a lovely lady came to the door, took our details and got us checked in. She couldn’t have been more accommodating and helpful, she gave us the information about our room, what was around and then we walked over to look in our room. Here is a little video of when we arrived and some little snapshots of our holiday.

The girls loved the pod, you can upgrade and go for packages which include the fireworks package, the sweets package and one with sparklers and glow sticks. They all add to the experience, especially as we were only staying for one night. I didn’t realise how nice it was just to sit relaxing around the fire at night while the kids melted marshmallows and ate them with biscuits, then we played with our glow sticks and sparklers. I think Ruby got a sugar rush at one point as she did a funky dance and you really had to be there in the moment to appreciate how funny she was just enjoying herself and being carefree.


We went for a meal at a local pub, we weren’t expecting anything great but we had a lovely meal, around £42 for 4 of us and drinks which I don’t think was expensive. They had a nice play area outside for the kids to enjoy and they also had an ice cream and sweet shop inside the pub, much to the girls delight.

Once we got back to the site we went for a walk around the lake, then went to check out the facilities lodge. This is a large hut with board games, tea and coffee making facilities, two showers, toilets, hot water bottles for anyone who needs them and also books to read. They have tables and comfy couches so it’s nice to just relax for a bit there. It wasn’t busy when we went in as i think people tend to do what they want and then leave and go back to their pods.

As we were there in summer time, it took awhile for it to go dark but once it was darker and we had started the fire in the pit outside the pod. The girls had been enjoying their marshmallows and biscuits, glow sticks and sparklers that were in one of the extra packs you can purchase.


The overall pod is lovely, you get a little night light inside, the facilities inside and outside (they have a shed with lots of outdoor toys) and also the way the site is laid out is really nice. The staff are very accomodating, you can go to the reception most of the time and get help or hire anything extra you might need. I would recommend the pods to anyone looking for a sort of camping experience without the tent. On the next morning, we went to St Annes near blackpool, we went around 7am and enjoyed the full beach to ourselves. It was a beautiful morning so it was nice to just enjoy the whole beach and playing area on the front for just the girls and us, we had a nice walk and then went to the local morrisons for our breakfast. I would say it is worth upgrading to the packs just to get the full experience of the pod and the camping and also to enjoy yourself especially the kids.



Disclosure: Experience was gifted for a review however all reviews are honest

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