So Magic Review

So we were gifted this awesome So Magic DIY set to review. Summer opened the box and this is what we found.

The set includes a So Magic Terranium, things to decorate and things to add to the bottom to help it grow. You have to add water to mix the solution under where you put the criss cross tree that you have to put together.


You have the instructions for what to put in the bottom part before you put the lid on that and then put the decoration bits on the top. Summer enjoyed putting the bits together and decorating. She could manage everything herself which was great. Once you have completed the decoration you put it somewhere and leave the lid off for around 12 hours and then you can put the full lid on.


I kind of wish there had been more to do with the decorating and making of it but it did take her a while to create and I guess the magic is the waiting to see what develops. Summer does love pretty things so she enjoyed the making and decorating it the way she wanted and she enjoyed looking at the decoration figures.

We waited overnight and then went back to see what had happened and you can see the tree looks like it is growing which is amazing. It didn’t grow as much as we may have expected but it was good to see that it had grown some. I think Summer may have done the mixing part wrong as ours didn’t seem to grow properly, she was more interested in decorating it than reading all the instructions. You can purchase this set here: So Magic Terrarium


Disclosure: Product gifted for review.

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