So Bomb DIY Review

Summer has been trying out the So Bomb DIY from Canal Toys where you create your own bath bombs. She loves bath time and also fancy stuff but she also liked the fact she could create her own bath bombs as she loves all the making and crafting stuff so this product was right up her street.


The creative bit is quite simple you mix the contents, then mould and wait for around 5 hours and then you should be ready to add the bath bomb to your bath.


This is what ours looked like in the bath. I think this product is great if you have creative kids that like to get involved but also can follow simple instructions, it is aimed at children over 6. This pack is a pack of 3 and includes what you need to create 3 bath bombs, you just need to add water. The pack also includes some suprises, that you add in the middle of your bath bomb before you get it ready to mould.

Disclosure – #gifted – Product gifted for review.

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