So Slime DIY Review

The So Slime DIY is something my daughters have really loved playing with this week. We were gifted a pack to try out and we couldn’t wait to get started. In the pack you get 3 tubs, we got pink, purple and blue tubs and you have to put the slime and glitter in the tub with the surprise, add the water, mix them together, shake the solution with the lid on and then wait for around 5 minutes for it to set.


The great thing about this was how stretchy the slime was, ruby had great fun stretching the slime, but the other thing different about this slime was the colour change, it doesn’t take long to get it to change so you can have a different colour slime.


We think the color-change slime shakers were great value for money and would make a great birthday present. You can play with the slime over and over again and the price of around £10 is a great value gift amount. Look how stretchy and thick it is.


Within the slime you get a little suprise gift, so what suprise will you get in your pack? There are a few different ones including mermaids, unicorns, sea urchins and many more. Here is Ruby showing you how stretchy her slime is.

Check out the products at

Disclosure – Products gifted for review


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