Inflatanation Family Fun in Manchester

So while we were in Manchester for the school holidays we headed to Inflatanation as a family as we got gifted a visit to review. This is a big bouncy castle style park all indoors, very colourful, lots to do for all ages. We arrived around 15 minutes before our session to get checked in. We downloaded and printed the waivers and filled them in before arriving so we just had to hand them over and then get in the queue. There are lockers available at £2 and a shoe rack where you can leave your shoes.


Once you have left all your belongings in the lockers or shoes in the rack then you are shown a safety video and then given a hand stamp, then you can get on. As we had Kylo, 2 we decided to tick the part on the waiver that says include him in our party so we could stick together. It wasn’t too busy which I liked as you could roam and still see the kids and enjoy each of the different parts. The first section is a climbing wall which was a load of fun, Bradley, 10 loved this bit the best. Summer enjoyed the large orange balls, I think there was around 5 and you jump from one to the other so we had fun doing this.


Then there is an assault course right at the back to enjoy where you climb through obstacles, swing over a tiny ball pool and then climb up to the slide, all great fun and we managed it with a toddler. They do also have an inflatable kind of like a gladiator battle thing with sticks and helmets etc for 2 people – The challenge isn’t even the fighting it is getting on the thing – Me and the husband tried, he got on and then when I got on I toppled him off and it was really funny. Another guy also tried to get on and did the same thing and seemed to enjoy it.

One of our favourite bits was a massive ball pool, so we had a little bit of a ball pool fight – Check out our video here

There was also 2 big slides to enjoy, the handles took some getting used to as the steps were a little tricky but you have to remember to grip the black handles at the sides to pull yourselves up. There is also a smaller baby bit for the under 4’s which we took Kylo into after a while. He loved the little air cones and had great enjoyment putting the balls on them and watching them float in the air. The toddler bit is so colourful and cute I thought and he enjoyed his time in there.


After 60 minutes our time was up and we were all thoroughly knackered and ready for some food, luckily they have a café on site so great to get something to eat and a drink. My only information would be to wear a long sleeved top as advised, especially before you go on the slides.  If you want to find out more information check out Inflatanation Manchester website, they also have parks in other UK locations.

Disclosure: Visit gifted for review – All Reviews are honest

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