Doodle Doo Review

So we have had a busy week this week as it has been the school holidays so we are having a relaxing Saturday playing board games and having fun indoors before a BBQ this afternoon. We were gifted a board game called Doodle Doo from Tactic games that involves drawing and that seems a lot of fun so we couldn’t wait to open it.


The box is colourful and fun looking and shows a game with animals with maze bodies and a blindfold, then a whoopie cushion. So we opened the box which has 4 pens inside, an eraser, blindfold and cushion. The girls couldn’t wait to get started so one of them put on the blindfold and the other held the cushion. They put their pen on the starting point, lower the blindfold over their eyes and try and memorise and draw through the maze without touching the sides. If they manage it they win and they can move onto the harder boards, if they don’t manage it the other player presses the whoopie cushion and they are out.


You can have 4 players and each use a different pen to find out who got further and that person wins if you like. Then you can rub it off with the eraser provided so you can play again and again. It is great for competitive kids and adults alike or people who just want a fun game to play with their family or friends. It would also be ideal for a birthday party at home as one of the fun game activities to play.

This game was a lot of fun for the girls, especially the whoopie cushion and the noises it made, they also liked the drawing element and got a little competitive trying to get it right.


Buy the game here and check out other products from Tactic Games: Doodle Doo Game

Disclosure: Product gifted for review

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