Legoland Discovery Manchester Review

We were gifted some tickets to go to Legoland Discovery Manchester to review it so we went along yesterday to see what it is all about. It takes about an hour to get there from Yorkshire and there is so much around it for a fun family day out.


When we first arrived you get a little sheet for a competition for the kids and you can purchase activity pack badges for around £4. Once you go through the entrance bit you wait in a line to have a family picture taken, this is on green screen and pictures can be bought at the end of the tour. We left our buggy in the park on the left after this bit and headed up the stairs for the factory tour section. There are lifts for accessibility. So once you get up to the next floor you are given a short talk by a member of staff, they describe the process of lego and then you get a brick each to take home, nice little gift for the kids.


So once you know how lego is made the next part if a little cart ride, max 5 to a car so we went in two groups of 3. The ride is cool, you get a toy gun and you shoot the targets on the screens to get a good score. I got 4600 so that was pretty good I thought and the kids enjoyed it. Once that ride has finished you come into the main room section which essentially is a large room with all activities in. The girls went on the little lego cars first, the height restrictions are quite specific for this one so our 10 year old was a little too tall and you have to be 4 to ride so the girls both went on. It was a little boring but they enjoyed riding the cars around. The next ride is a pedalling ride like a merry go round where if you pedal the vehicle you are in goes higher. You need to be 90cm to ride so we took Kylo (2) on it and the girls enjoyed the ride.

All the kids loved the lego racer section where they have tracks and hills you can push the cars down and have lots of fun. The boys constructed the vehicles and Ruby enjoyed pressing the button to put down the starting line for the cars to race. There is also a ball pool and soft play area, one specifically for younger kids, the duplo section and then one for the older kids.

The next adventure was the cinema, the effects weren’t as good as I was expecting and didn’t come on much but there was wind and some water or bubble effects at the end and the short film was good and entertaining. After that the kids enjoyed building lego on the vibrating plate tables so that was different. They also had a Batak game the kids could play and a wall they could climb up that kept moving like a treadmill.

Finally we saw loads of models of lego build, a scene of blackpool and lots of other scenes and trains were in a room, it was great to see all the little sets and models of lego built up. Overall we had a great few hours, time restricted tickets are given so you get 3 hours. I would say go for the 10am slot and then once finished you can walk over the walkway to the Trafford centre and have some lunch at the variety of restaurants available.

Book tickets here:

Disclosure: Tickets gifted for review

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