Stems Review

So we were gifted some STEMS to review. These are colourful bendy toys that you join together to make your creations. The kids decided to use them to make a frog and a ball, however you can make anything with your imagination. Each pack comes with 20 pieces and they connect together as a flexible 3D maker toy.


The colours used are pink, green, yellow, orange and blue and we loved the fact they were so bright and colourful. They are suitable for ages 5+. Here is a video of Summer playing with hers

At £9 they are ideal as a gift for a birthday party or just as a stocking filler. We found the kids loved them in the car as the box was small enough to travel with and they loved fiddling with them in their hands on journeys. You can purchase them here or see different size boxes : Stems from learning resources UK


We had great fun with the STEMS, all the kids have enjoyed playing with them, even dad made a crown. The only thing I would say as a slight negative is that they can be hard to put together until you get the hand of it but other than that they are great for hand eye coordination and imagination.

Disclosure: Products gifted for review.

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