Kids board games for the school holidays

With the spring bank holidays around the corner and the huge Summer holidays coming up we like to give you some inspiration for things to entertain the kids so what better way to do that than some fun board games, the great thing about board games is you can play them over and over again so they are great value for money too.

We reviewed 3 games from Cheatwell games, ideal for our kids aged 7, 9 and 10. These games were varied, fun and simple to play and the kids found them real fun, although we did have a couple of arguments, mostly because Summer cheats at games, Bradley likes to be all about fairness and Ruby is too silly but we still had great fun. So here we go, first up we played Polar Panic , retailing at around £10 on Amazon and would also be good for the younger kids. This game is like snap but with a few twists. All the cards are faced down on the floor or table and one by one the kids turn a card over when it is their turn, they have to face it away from themselves, this is usually where they cheat because they are looking at the fish on the card to see if they match any upturned cards before the other players see, the idea is they turn it up away from them so all players see it at the same time. If it matches any of the other upturned cards they have to put their hands over the cards and say Match or Snap or something and they win the cards.


The premise of the game is simply, the player with the most cards wins, however if you hit an Eskimo card you can keep that card but you have to turn all the cards back over so they are face down. If you hit a polar the game ends and the winner is the person with the most cards. It was a fun little easy to play game that would be ideal for younger kids and because of the size of the game it makes a perfect travel game as well for say caravan holidays etc.

The second game we tried was Kids Charades – Retailing around £12 – Simple again, the kids are given cards with 6 things on and they have to act them out for the other players, they also have a dice to decide which to act out as each word has a number 1-6. There is also a timer so you are timed guessing what the word is. Summer did one that was Postman Pat which was funny and Bradley had one that said Egg and Spoon race.

The third game we were gifted was Baffled – A game that helps you memory. You have to try and remember where all the things are for when you land on the squares.



Disclosure: Games were given for purposes of review, all reviews are honest.

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