Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Review

We were gifted some awesome tubes of slime and a chemistry set this week so here is our review.


The individual test tubes which include everything but water are ideal for the experiments. Here is Summer with a tube of the Glitter slime she mixed. There are 4 options available which are Sunshine Slime, Glitter Slime, Hypercolour Slime and Glow In The Dark Slime, they are priced at £4 each and are suitable for 8 years +


The individual slime tubes are great as birthday presents because they are priced so reasonable. My kids especially my girls and there friends love slime, they love to stretch it and this creation means they can make their own. I think its cool as you get different colour slimes and also a glitter slime which summer liked. It is a great novel product for a couple of hours of fun. The problems were that it took a long time to mix it to make it slimy, this could have been due to the kids measuring the water or them not shaking it enough or stirring it enough, however they both managed it in the end, the other issue I had with the glitter slime especially is the mess – The glitter gets everywhere but if your like me and have kids then glitter everywhere is just a normal occurrence!


The individual tubes open up to reveal a piece of cardboard, a sachet of mix, and a stick for mixing all you need to do is take it all out and then add the sachet and the water to the tube, mix with the stick and then put the lid of and shake the test tube, instructions included to follow and then you should after a while end up with some slime.

The Ooze Labs Chemistry Station, retails around £35 – this awesome kit lets children set up a special laboratory station to mix up some exciting slimy, fizzy, colourful, and bubbly chemistry experiments in beakers and test tubes.


Ooze labs slime is made from safe materials that are both fun to play with and chemically interesting. Here is a video of the kids doing a slime experiment.

The set can be purchased here: Chemistry Set

We hope you have great fun with your Slime Creations – Which one would be your favourite?

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