Our Model Experience 1

So one afternoon I spent the full day applying to model agencies, before this I had taken a couple of pictures of the kids headshots on a plain background, ones where they were smiling, ones not smiling and a full length shot. I made sure they had plain tops with no logos or slogans on and took the pictures with hair down and no accessories on. I was surprised a week later to hear back from several agencies wanted to represent the girls. We chose to go non-sole with Summer and signed up to 2 agencies on a North only basis, even though that limits the work sometimes it isn’t realistic to head down to London for 10 minutes, the minimum cost for a coach is something like £40 for one adult and a child and to be doing that all the time would mean travel costs escalated quite a bit. Once we had signed to the agencies I arranged a photoshoot for Summer at a cost of £36 for 5 images, we went along to a lovely ladies house and she took a few nice headshots and body shots, we got feedback that they were a little exposure but they would do for our first images. We also did a shoot outside a week later with another lady who took some head and body shots again and we used a couple of these for her model card. Our next thing was to set up Spotlight, apparently if you are over 4 it is where you need to be to get a good chance in the industry so we paid the £100 fee and signed up to Spotlight, we used a headshot I had taken on the advice of her agent and then added all her experience, one theatre show, one film where she was an extra – A local film that had put out a call for kids extras a few months previous we had managed to get involved with.

The local film was nice, we went to someone’s house and there was lots of kids outside simulating a kids party, it was a long day and the kids were there for a few hours unpaid however they got an IMDB credit and experience on a film set so sometimes unpaid opportunities can be good.

Ruby got accepted to a few sole agencies so it was really hard choosing one, however after speaking to one of the ladies we decided to go with that one, she just seemed friendly, helpful and didn’t want to push if you couldn’t go to a casting because of distance or something else. She had kids in the industry and seemed to know what she was doing so we accepted the contract.

Summers first casting was for a musical theatre show – Luckily in Manchester. So we drove down to the shoot and we went into the waiting room, gave our details and then they asked the parents to wait downstairs. All the 30 kids there sang together in a group, then each girl sang the lyrics they had learnt on their own and then the kids were whittled down to 4, Summer didn’t get a part but it was good for her to see the standard of what they are looking for. The next day we went to a local audition for Seussical Junior and she got the part of The Bird Girl so at least she still gets a part in a theatre production which will give her the experience of lots of singing and being on stage.

Ruby also auditioned for the part in Seussical Junior and got the part of thing 1, the audition panel said she had the most amazing face and she seems like a good little actress with a very expressive face which was nice to hear as it was her first audition. Ruby is still doing her dance classes each week where she does cheerleading, freestyle and ballet. Summer does singing lessons, LAMDA (Public speaking, which helps her say words clearly and practise monologues) and also the musical theatre class now for Seuessical which is 3 nights a week. Then they both do another Theatre School class on a Wednesday for 3 hours which they joined last week and they are learning songs from Mamma Mia, Les Miserables and other musicals. I think the experience of learning and being on stage from the local theatre groups is great and it is nice to be a part of something local.

So total cost this first month will be £101 in photoshoots, 2 kids spotlight £100, £50 to sign up to 2 of the model websites (to see logs on jobs we have been submitted for) and £25 petrol.  Total £276. I won’t include class costs as well as I might actually cry at how much I am spending.

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