KidsCast App Review

We have been given the opportunity this month to review the KidsCast App on our Samsung galaxy tablet. This is great for Kids as parents can control how long they watch for in the parent controls part of the app.


The first page you are presented with you have to swipe for the options – they have around 8 options to pick from with individual pictures, some you can tell what they are easily like the books one and others I didn’t have a clue so my first suggestion would be to add some names to the categories so people know what they are – Even like Music, Books, Science, Art, Watch – It would just help.


I clicked the first one which looked like a wizard on a box and then got the option to play. It seemed like some sort of Minecraft type building game but I found the controls a little awkward, maybe the kids would find it easy to control. I managed to choose a block and then make a row of blocks so it does work, but the camera angles felt a little awkward to control. It is easy to get back to the main menu though with one arrow which I really liked.


The second category of books gave me 4 options – Magazine, Imaginastories, songs and books. I liked the fact on the magazine one there were options and ideas for the kids to get involved online, for example some competitions and game ideas. Each of the activity pages has a printer icon at the top so you can easily print off – My only issue with this and is a little bug bare of mine – If I am paying for online content per month I don’t want to have to spend money printing, If I wanted to print then I could save money on both and just buy a printed magazine. I feel having these pages as interactive would be better. Other things I loved about the magazine included the recipes for kids – My girls love baking so this is ideal and it has pretty pictures to help them know what to do, the competitions for Shopkins was also one my girls liked. They also have little craft ideas that can help your kids create stuff at home, as sometimes I know my girls are stuck for ideas so this can inspire them creatively. The songs option did take a while to load and there were only 3 options so we tried Haha Hairies songs, once in there they have several options to switch, just slide the screen easily and click the video you want to watch. The video did take a while to load and knowing my kids they might have switched off by now as we waited a good 3 minutes. Once loaded though the video was fun and happy and the songs were great, video quality was brilliant and I love the fact there are no adverts as sometimes when my kids have watched video content on other things the adverts are not suitable for them.


The books category has a good selection of books, I was expecting the tabs to change the pages but they didn’t and there wasn’t an arrow so it wasn’t obvious there were more books, however if you swipe to the side you get a few different choices. The book layout is good and they have some lovely stories on there, great for the younger kids as well. There are around 40 books on there to choose from so a good choice and they change the content each month.  They also have some shorts like audio books which I liked, again they took a while to load but this could be internet connection and once downloaded they worked well.

The art category seemed a little simple, I was expecting colour pages but I guess for the kids to be creative they can just pick different colours and they can add stickers from the left if they like, they can also decide whether they want to write with a thin pen or spray. It reminds me off the programme paint in its simplicity, I kind of like it.


Summer loved the one that looked like a Pearl shell with the mermaid setting as it is just music songs that are common but sung by Kids, the app thing is Kidz bop and she loved having the music on with no adverts while she enjoyed singing along – There was no load time for these and you can easily move to the next song – There isn’t a list of songs though you just move to the next or previous when you want.

In all I do like the app, I wish it was a bit more educational and had more learning and the sections were titled but other than that to have no adds and something consistent for the kids I really like it.

The app gives a 7 day trial and then £3.99 per month after that – I do think a yearly option of say £30 might be a nice idea as I would be up for paying that. I do like the app overall and cannot wait to see more content on there.

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