Exams: What’s the problem?

Exams: Whats the problem?

So Ruby had her Key stage 1 progression tests or exams or whatever you want to call them this week. From what I gather they are english and maths papers to test their knowledge and see where they are at with the curriculum. Now I am aware some children will struggle with tests and exams but for the teachers I think these are a great way to access learning gaps in specific children and then put plans and work in place to help them progress. All kids can’t be great at everything can they and there are a variety of subjects -My favourite at school was Maths, I detested English as I could read, write and spell so I didn’t understand what else I had to learn, I couldn’t understand grammar, punctuation or why I had to learn about poetry, I was never going to become a poet.

My son is the same, he loves maths and really struggles with English but he is 10 now and he has his SATs next year and I had a long conversation with him about the future and showed him some job adverts, the majority of them saying GCSE A-C in Maths and English, they did have some apprenticeship roles where you could do your GCSE again alongside them but like I said to my son, why would you want to try them again when they are hard enough the first time around. So while I may be in a minority I like the fact they do practise exams and regular assess my childs progress so they can help him in the areas he is struggling in, they can put more support in place to help him learn spelling and also to get him to understand comprehension better so he has a fighting chance in his exams.

I as a parent also want to know how I can help my children so have regular contact with the teachers and am always looking for Apps, Videos and learning programmes that can help my children progress and give them a bit of support in their learning.

We have found a variety of sites that help children’s learning, some of these include:

Picaro World

Reading Eggs

Education City

We have also found a brilliant website www.theschoolrun.com – This is a website where you can download tests and practise papers to help your children at home, great for the school holidays especially the 6 weeks just to refresh their learning.

There are also many books in places like the works that teach your children Maths and English, some are better than others, some include guides inside them that teach the children how to do the sum so they work through an example and then have some examples for the children to test themselves.

Other things you can do to encourage your child is simply to borrow books from a library for them to read, or you can even pick up bargain books from a car boot sale for around 20-50p. There are some resources called Brain Box Games which aid comprehension and they are on popular subjects, we got a Roald Dahl themed box game and they have a picture on one side and then questions on the other to test your child and what they remember and what they can glean from the image.

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