Blogon 2019 May Review

I had only just started blogging when I went to the last blogon so it was all new to me, but this event is something they do every six months. It is a little different in May because it is mainly lifestyle so features a variety of different products, not all as exciting as toys – But then again I have 4 kids so the toys will always appeal more.


So I booked my ticket a while ago and headed to Manchester yesterday for the conference, I met up with a complete newbie outside the hotel and we took our suitcases in and reached the level for the goody bag. You put the goody bag inside the suitcase and then leave your case and head to the food area. We had a lovely bacon sandwich for breakfast but there are other foods you can try and they do cater for all allergies.

So after breakfast you go to the room for the keynote session where a lovely lady talked to us about how technology has advanced and how kids are spending more time on technology and how it isn’t always a bad thing and they probably won’t get square eyes. After that there were 3 different sessions to attend and we chose the Epic videos one which was interesting, he advised what software to use and how to get the video to flow by filming different clips going off in different directions, he also mentioned about licensing music for the videos and how he brought it all together.


There are several sessions during the day you can read about on your schedule and choose the best you for you, if there’s nothing you fancy then head to the brand den or food floor as there are brands and PR companies to talk to at these and you can start making connections and see what you can do to help brands going forward. Yesterday some brands and PR companies knew specifically what they wanted from bloggers with campaigns and some were open to suggestions, most had a mailing list you could add yourself to for future collaborations.

It is always lovely to chat with the brands and see what products they have out. The green cola tasted really nice, the Ziggle socks are adorable and have little grips on and the Penguin was adorable, when you hugged it its face lit up red and it shivered and spoke. I also spoke to the Nintendo guys who were showcasing the Labo, I tried the one with the Duck which was really impressive as we are a gaming family so always nice to see new technology and game ideas.

At lunchtime there is a great spread of food and throughout the day in the brand den the Co-Op were serving beautiful pizzas for everyone. There is also drinks on hand throughout the day so you can help yourself to tea, coffee, hot chocolate and water which is great. They also have a snack time at 3pm where you can have some lovely cake. Yesterday they had a blog on bake off where attendees brought their own home creations, which looked great – It was Star Wars Day so we did have a theme.

The last session at 4pm-5pm I wanted to attend was pitch like a pro – It was great to get an insight from the PR company about how to contact them and what to include -He went over things like audience stats, engagement numbers and pitching for specific jobs so if you know they work for a particular client and you have a great idea then pitch that to the PR company with your information and rates because they like that creativity from a blogger.


At the end of the day once all the sessions are finished they have a HUGE! raffle. It takes about an hour to draw the raffle and there are so many prizes. The money made goes towards the community fund for bloggers in need – So a great cause. I won 3 items on the raffle – A doll worth £70, a Star Wars hat £13 and a Pops Cup Star Wars probably around £10 so for £20 in raffle tickets I would say I did pretty well.

As soon as I got home the girls wanted to unpack the goody bag so here is their video on what we got in the Goody bag from Blog on May 2019.


The next blog on event is in Bracknell later in 2019 – Check it out here



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