Car Boot Sales: Bargains April 2019

So this morning we all got up and went to the local car boot sale. I will start this post saying there are some odd things people decide to sell at car boot sales like the people selling old TV magazines – What use are they now? Or the people selling old rusty tools – Who chooses to buy rusty tools? However you can find some great bargains when wondering car boots, so here are a few of our buys in April and how much we paid for them to show what bargains can be achieved.

Next Jeans – I think these red jeans are adorable for Summer and Ruby will grow into them so for £1 they were ideal, even if she just uses them for a photo shoot I feel good value for money.


Helicopter – Kylo is going through a period of loving helicopters so when we saw this cute helicopter toy at 50p – It pulls back and goes itself and it great for little toddler hands, we just had to buy it.

Majestic Knights – Siege Castle Playset – £4

Fully boxed and ideal for 18 months plus we bought this lovely Castle playset for Kylo from the car boot. It includes 10 knights and 4 horses and will be ideal for a Christmas Gift to put away for then


With the weather getting warmer we needed to get our little one some new outfits, we came across these shorts and T-shirt for 20p each, they are in great wearing condition and even if he just wears them once I feel we will have had moneys worth from them.


Girls gift sets – We pick up some many cute little unopened gift sets at the car boots that would make ideal gifts for birthdays but also great to keep the kids amused for an afternoon. We got this awesome tattoo set for 50p – Brand new – The girls spent around 2 hours doing tattoos on each other with the stencils and pen provided, they loved it. Another cute little set included princess comb, bobbles and some perfume that the girls sprayed the full bottle of within 1 day but hey ho. 50p for each of the sets below.

Next we saw this awesome fire engine, it sprays water, it makes sounds and it was a bargain for £2.50. Our son has loved playing with it and pushing it around.



5 thoughts on “Car Boot Sales: Bargains April 2019

  1. You bought some pretty cool stuff at the car boot sale! They look like new and wow, so cheap! I always wanted to go to a car boot sale before but never went. Maybe I should soon.


  2. I love car boot sales especially picking up old or antique items. These items you have picked up is definitely a bargain!


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