What we have been watching : April

So this month what have we been watching, here are some ideas:

Stella’s last weekend – Now TV – I like a nice easy to watch romantic comedy. This is a film about an ill dog according to the information I was presented and they have a party for the dog before it is put down however the film doesn’t seem to feature the dog much and is about a brother who fell for a girl and they lost contact, he comes back home and realises his brother is dating her, they still share a few kisses the brother finds out then they have to sort it all out. There are some funny scenes with the brothers and step-dad and it makes it a real easy to watch nice funny film.

All Together Now – A singing show on BBC which I enjoy because I love karaoke and singing competitions. I like that there are no real lengthy times spent on the people auditioning, they just have a little chat and come on and sing, and then the next person. I just wish they would show more people that auditioned even if they weren’t so good.

The Perfect Date – Netflix – I love a nice romcom and it was good to see the guy from ‘All the guys I have loved before’ in another film. It was a nice sweet romcom, my husband said nothing much happened but I guess it didn’t need to. A guy needed to raise some money to get into the top university, he wanted to date the most beautiful girl and drive the coolest car but once he had all those things he realised that wasn’t what he wanted at all. It was easy to watch and a nice little romantic film. I thoroughly enjoyed.

Clink – Channel 5 – I saw this advertisement on Twitter I believe, a new prison drama staring Shaz from bad girls, well I knew I had to tune in. I loved bad girls and over the last few years have enjoyed watching Orange is the New Black so I tuned in. The show didn’t keep me gripped unfortunately, the characters didn’t seem as likely as I would have liked them to be and it seemed all too predictable, like the acting governor being filmed, one of the inmates and prison guards being in cahoots by the looks of it. I will give it another chance as I am not watching many series at the moment and I really want to like it.

Someone Great – I liked the opening to this Netflix film, the characters are instantly likeable. However as I watched and enjoyed the film, especially the dancing scene in the flat I couldn’t help but want for more of a story, I feel like it ended but I didn’t really understand, maybe that’s me being dumb. They seemed the perfect couple, surely after 9 years there are bound to be fights, then she was moving away so a good reason to at least try the relationship long distance, however it seemed in the end they decided to part ways but there was no talk between the couple of closure, I kept expecting them to meet up near the end and talk to each other, but the guy just sort of dumped her and only appeared again in memories. It is a nice feel good film to watch maybe with your girlfriends and I do like a girly feel good film but it wasn’t my favourite.

Game of Thrones – Now TV / Sky – Finally its back and we watched episode 1. I love all the characters and now there isn’t so many of them I feel like I kind of get what’s going on. I like the fact everyone is still sort of secretive and I feel they are building up to some plot twists, cannot wait to watch more.

Creeped Out – CBBC – Saw this adverised on the iplayer. I guess its aimed at older kids, maybe teenagers as although it isn’t creepy it is quite scary in parts and could possibly give kids nightmares. It is a collection of a few stories that all have good morals to learn I guess, I expected the stories to have a happy ending but to be honest they didn’t. If you liked a series of unfortunate events and black mirror then you may like this.

Agatha Raisin – Now Tv – I have to say the fact I love the main character in Ugly Betty and Extras compelled me to watch this and not so much the description. I grew up watching a Touch of Frost, Jonathan Creek and Midsomer murders and while those three really keep you guessing and in suspense this show doesn’t really do that, you can pretty much guess who the murderer is going to be but I still kind of like it. The characters are all likeable, most you will have probably seen in other things and it is colourful, each episode is a different story and it isn’t graphic or anything so we really enjoyed it, great for dipping in and out as and when.

Gloves off – Film – Now TV/ Sky Cinema – We watched this as again lots of popular cast in it. I kind of felt let down by the story as it was lacking especially for the first half, I liked the second part of the film much more and the main character is rather likeable but it ends up being a little predicatable. I think it could have been funnier although I liked the scene at the caravan park and also the scene when they had the money and went into the offices at the end, but I think there could have been a little more comedy in the film.



2 thoughts on “What we have been watching : April

  1. Some fab shows you have listed here, all together now is my all time fav show and we all watch it together as a family


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