What I have been playing : April 2019

Well this month has been a mixed bag in gaming terms

First I ordered Just Dance 2019 – Xbox One –  I wasn’t impressed with the track list when I first looked however after dancing to many of the tracks I found they stuck in my head and I could totally see why they were chosen to be on it. Many of the achievements for me popped after a couple of songs but I still have quite a few to do including the Megastar ones which I will never accomplish but I am still enjoying the game.

Detroit: Humans – PS4 – Having already played through this once and not got a great ending, most of my main characters died. I do like the way it all fits together and they do have consequences when you do something with one character. I like the way after each character it shows you the multiple impacts your choices could have, although they are all covered so you can see the path you chose, it gives you an idea of the possibilities. I will be playing through this again and being the nice guy in it all and see how the ending turns out then.

Overcooked 2 – Xbox one – We thoroughly enjoyed Overcooked the first one so couldn’t wait to play Overcooked 2 when it came out. We found it pretty easy to do the 3 stars and complete the game and get all the achievements and it was nice to be able to play with other people online though not having microphones or people that wouldn’t talk made it difficult sometimes to navigate but I guess that adds to the chaos of the game. Once completed you get the option to play it through again for 4 stars but we found most of these 4 stars just impossible so gave up. If your looking for a fun game to play as a couple or with friends or even online it is a great game of cooking, craziness and skills working together in a restaurant to cook the meals and deliver them through the hatch for customers while being timed and having multiple obstacles through the levels.

Apex Legends – I never thought this would be a game I would play, a battle game with 60 people where you play in teams of 3 people and have to kill all the other teams to win. I never understand the fuss with fortnite but I have enjoyed Apex until I realise now I will never be any good and have started other games. My favourite character is Bloodhound just for the scanning enemy ability – Makes it much helpful and my favourite guns G7 scout and either the R99 or Prowler just for a mix. I tried different techniques on this game – Going for all the kills at the start and then walking around finding the other teams, using one person on the team as the person to find the other enemies and then other methods which included camping till the final 4 or so teams, all worked to some level but it depends who else is playing and who you get on your team.


What have you been playing in the Gaming world?

3 thoughts on “What I have been playing : April 2019

  1. Switch – I’ve been playing a mix between the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy and the New Super Mario U.
    PS4 – I’ve been trying to play Resident Evil 2 remake but haven’t had much time to commit.

    This is the first time I’ve seen a list like this and I think it’s very cool! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. I used to love crash bandicoot on the PS2, but my gosh I bought it a while ago for PS4 and it was near on impossible, too impossible to enjoy it so we just traded it in. I hope to make more of these lists as I love gaming. We don’t have a switch as spent a lot of time at home and when we travel I am normally driving anyway or we are doing activities so don’t need switch.

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      1. The control pads were much different in the newer trilogy so I can understand why. I travel a lot by public transportation since I live in a major city in New York so the Switch is useful to pass the time in a commute. I also love PS4 though because my childhood and teenage years were spent gaming on the PlayStation console.


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