Moji Pops Reviews

Well when we were given the chance to receive some Moji Pops for review we couldn’t say No! These are created by Magic Box Toys. The series 1 toys are made up of everyday objects as fun characters that display an array of emotions. The blind bags have a removable double sided face so the kids can choose which emotion they want their character to use. The bags are around 90p so ideal for pocket money toys.

Children can also switch their character’s mood – there are six different-coloured face pieces, each with two distinct emotions to alternate between. There are 90 different characters to collect, from the worlds of pets, home, nature, travel, music, food and sport, including six ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops.

We also had a playset (retailing around £12) to play with – We got the Ice Cream shop which Ruby loved, watch her cute little video on Instagram TV here:

Summer also liked to play with the Ice Cream shop after she had opened her pack of Moji Pops, she also got 2 glitter ones which are really cute. They are very colourful little collectable toys and they are all so cute. The faces are funny, like Emoji style fun faces with great expressions to help the kids learn about facial expressions. I also like the fact it helps their imagination with the toy sets.

There are 90 different ones to collect with different faces on, you can check which ones you received on here:


I love the fact they all have little names and come under different categories, we got the Piano from the music one and it looks life like and really cool. Here is a video of Summer unboxing some of her Moji Pops.


The girls certainly played with these more than they have other collectible toys and I love the way they have playsets to extend the play, I also love the colours of them, the bright colours and the fact the faces are interchangeable. I think 90p for the bags is ideal pocket money type toys and the play sets are ideal to ask for a birthday or Christmas Present, we can’t wait to see what comes out in Series 2.


22 thoughts on “Moji Pops Reviews

  1. These toys are super cute! They remind me of the old toys you would get in inside the Kinder eggs, when I was a child. I remember having a lot of fun playing with them.


  2. These are such cool toys and with the right price as well, I know my daughter would totally love the sticker faces


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