5 in 1 Outdoor Measure Mate Review

The 5 in 1 measure mate from Learning Resources is great for little kids who love the outdoors. My 2 year old had great fun pushing it around the garden. It has a great trundle wheel for measuring long distances and aiding children with their measuring skills.

The measure mate is ideal for Maths work including measuring sticks and also distance. All you need to do it move the calliper jaws to the same size as the stick and see how long they are on the measure stick. You can also measure the size of leaves and also Thomas Phone sizes.


The big wheel is better for measuring larger items such as the length of a pond or shed, just start at 0 (start) and roll the wheel along with the easy to hold handle, it clicks if it does a full lap around the wheel and there are numbers all the way around so it helps you add up the total. The measure-mate also comes with a nice little netted bag for travel and some cute stickers including a butterfly and frog sticker.


My review on this product is that I am not sure how much measuring there is to do in the outdoors, I am sure if your a family who enjoys walking and your kids frequently visit parks and outdoor places then this tool could be great for learning and also helping them with their maths measure and shape skills so I do like it from that angle. It is aimed at 4+ which I guess would be the ideal age, our 9 year old used it with no trouble but she struggled to find much to measure outside once she had done the pond, greenhouse and a twig. It is a lovely looking product though, the colours are good, the numbers are clear and it also includes a spirit level when used horizontally, so kids can help their dads, mums and grandparents if they are doing DIY projects as we all know kids love to feel included.

Disclosure: Product Gifted for review


2 thoughts on “5 in 1 Outdoor Measure Mate Review

  1. I have never seen this toy before! My little girl is 22 months so a while before she would be able to use something like this.
    Thank you for a great review!


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