Gravity Rocks Review

Ruby decided for her birthday she wanted to go climbing the wall at Xscape so we got it booked in for a Friday morning and went over. When we arrived we were given wristbands and then led to a guide ready to watch the safety video. The session is 30 minutes and you get a safety briefing to start so best to get there 15 minutes before your booked session time.


We watched the safety video and then the staff helped us put our harnesses on, once on we were shown a demonstration how to attach them to the aeriel pully things. Once attached to each the mat drops on the floor so you know you are attached and then you can get ready for your climb.

Ruby started on the orange poles, there are 12 in total and you can step and hop from 1 to number 12, she got to about number 6 but as they increase in height as you go on it does get pretty scary.

Then there are another approximately 12 walls to climb, all different styles, some have see through back wall, one is a timed wall so you can compete fir the daily best time and then others have balls and upside down pipes to hang on to, to help you climb up. There is a hexagon wall nearest to the desk that is the easiest to climb and ruby climbed that one quite easy but she didn’t trust the harness coming down for some reason. I think the coming down is the best part, definately loving the abseiling even though I am afraid of heights.

Another cool part of it was the ladder that goes up really high, just a multicoloured ladder in the middle so that is worth a go. It does say on the website suitable from about aged 4 and there was a little girl there when we went and she seemed to be doing quite well. They also have parties there and you can buy a combo pass for the gravity rocks and also trampolines. My other daughter Summer went to her friends party there last year and afterwards they had pizza and dessert which she really enjoyed.

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