The Deep Hull – Review

#Ad – We were kindly gifted tickets to visit the Deep in Hull to review it as a family attraction so we went along a few days ago. I will add to this that my daughter has actually been before last year for a sleepover with brownies and she had a fabulous time sleeping next to the big tank with the giant turtle in.

So we arrived at the Deep, a spectacular aquarium,   pretty much just off the motorway and down one road, pretty disappointed you have to pay to park but maybe that is just a bug bear of mine and it is only £3 for 6 hours I think it was. Anyway we got in the queue and then got the tickets and headed up to the third floor for entry. There are lifts so very accessible. When we walked in there were loads of interactive boards with little quizzes and games for the kids. We did one where you had to find the mammal and reptile and also a quiz about the planets where you had a little fact and you had to roll it to the correct planet. We took my gran with us who is 80 and after the visit she said, there is a so much information and learning to take from a trip to the Deep she was really impressed.

My son Bradley also enjoyed learning all about aquatic life and reading all the information from the boards however he is 10 so probably at a good age to take in all the information. For our toddler he just wanted to run around, the only bit that was good for him was an adventure play area with big soft play blocks and toys which he enjoyed a run around in, he also liked standing at the glass for a few minutes but I wouldn’t take a toddler again especially not without a pushchair as you don’t get the time to truly read everything.

Our girls had a nice time watching the penguins being fed so that was good to see and on one of the large screens they had a CSI detective talk going on which had seats the kids could sit on and participate in. There was a sand art lady which was an extra £2 per picture, which again I find a tad annoying when you have already paid to enter the attraction as costs do add up however if your kids like sand it fits with the theme of the place nicely.

The penguins are adorable, the giant tank is beautifully displayed, the first one you come across, we stayed there for quite a while watching the fishes swimming around, very therapeutic I found just watching them. If you continue around the corner there is also some ladders so the kids can bob there heads through and see the tank from the bottom as if they are inside. Me and Kylo (Toddler) enjoyed watching the blue frogs in one of the areas, I have never seen frogs that are blue before so again that was a first. We also enjoyed the underwater viewing tunnel that they have there.

Another thing I enjoyed was the bubble lift, it stops half way to let you enjoy the view as you are in a massive bubble lift tank and its a great view of all the fish and everything swimming around. After this your tour sort of comes to an abrupt end and then into a café.


We went to eat in the café, meal prices are very reasonable – I think it was around £30 for all 6 of us including drinks and I had a delicious meat and potato pie with chips and veg, the kids had sausage, chips and beans but they could also have veg if they had wanted and my gran enjoyed fish, chips and mushy peas.

All in all a lovely place to go and visit for a few hours, could do with a little more interactive and fun stuff for the older kids maybe a worksheet or booklet, quiz or something, however there is a wealth of information and knowledge to be learnt from a visit there.

Visit the website for more information, you also get 10% off when you book online and once you have visited you can use your pass for 12 months after so you can keep going back .

2 thoughts on “The Deep Hull – Review

  1. This place seems great! The aquatic bit would be right up my street. I am always put off by food prices in places like these but a fiver each doesn’t seem too bad.


  2. we don’t live too far from hull so we love the deep. they sometimes have the offer where if you buy a ticket you then get entry for a full year after that for free which is amazing xx


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