Local Library Cooking day

So as we go into the second week of the holidays, the spending money is dwindling and the kids are always wanting to be on the go and I wanted to find them something to do so what better place to look than local libraries. We are fortunate enough to have one in our town centre so we went up there today where they had a free cookery workshop. It said cooking however there was no electric or anything it was pretty much crafting cooking if that makes sense. So we arrived and the kids got their aprons on.


I love the way everything was set out, the kids had their own chopping boards and little cutlery and a knife and then pictures were on the table to show what they were creating. So we started with chopping fruit up – Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple, peeling oranges and then we got a scotch pancake and put chocolate spread on and covered our pancake in fruit. Then on to the Chocolate cups where we put in remaining fruit and poured yoghurt over, crushed biscuits into it (bourbons) and then on the top added our marshmallows and shop bought chocolate bunny rabbits.

Next we moved onto the pitta bread which we cut into an egg shape and 2 carrots. We could cover this with humous or cream cheese and then decorate with broccoli, parsley and grated carrot. The last thing we created was to peel an egg, then zig zag through the middle, remove the top, cut a little carrot for the beak and raisins for the eyes and we made a cute little chicken. These are all things you can do at home as well for Easter food crafts or check out your local library. Ours had a circus workshop we went to last year the kids loved and they do different free activities each holiday.

What free stuff have you enjoyed doing these holidays? Have you visited your local library?


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