Beaker Creatures : Reactor Pods Review

#AD Products were gifted for review

Sick of all the chocolate at Easter? I know the feeling, my kids get so much chocolate for gifts it would be nice if there was a nice alterative that was fun for them to do in the holidays. Well here it is – The Reactor Pod. Encourage your child in their science and building skills with these cool Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods. All you do is open the packaging, get a bowl of water and then pop the pod into the water, watch the water change colour – We had blue, red and also yellow colours, the bubbling in the water and then a toy is revealed. Ruby loved these as they were different and a little messy in the water.

There are 35 to collect and also some mystery figures including a 24-carat creature that encourages more experiments and collecting. All you do is dissolve the reactor pods and discover the collectible characters. See which ones we found here :

These are ideal for ages 5-9 and the pods are around £4 so ideal for pocket money or a small treat for Easter. The Lab retails around £25 and the chamber is around £15. You can purchase at


These are the 2 Summer found below, see which ones you will find with these ideal treats as an alternative to Easter Eggs.



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