Zuru Egg Hunt: Smashers Series 3

#AD Products gifted for review

So it is the Easter Holidays and what could be more fun than an egg hunt? Well forget the traditional chocolate hunt this time we are trying something different – A Zuru Smashers egg hunt with a final Dinosaur Prize. We got a great bundle to try out from Zuru. There eggs range from £1.99-£20 packs so you can have as many or as few as you want in the space that you have available.


So we spent a while hiding the eggs in various places around the garden. And then we had some clue sheets so we could write the clues on for the kids – This is definitely the hardest part – Much easier to get some inspiration on the internet for clues. Most of mine were just like I am green and leafy what am I? But as the garden is full of trees it could be quite tricky. So you download and print the sheet then cut the eggs out and put the clues on the back, the first one is given to the kids and the others I hid with the eggs so the hunt flowed well. The last clue was for the dinosaur at the end.

Here are some of the eggs hidden that we did, it was great fun hiding the eggs ready for the kids to find.


Ruby loved finding a few of the eggs in a tester egg hunt a few days previously.

At the end of the Zuru Smashers hunt we found an awesome Dinosaur, that the kids, especially Kylo loved.


Here is the video for the egg hunt we did the Bradley, Summer and Kylo.


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