Redecorating : Girls room

Do you ever wonder into your kids bedroom and wonder what has gone off in there? With crayons and pens all over the floor, spare pieces to toys are spread all over and many toys are missing parts they have just lost god knows where? Do you ever feel they like just have too much clutter to keep their room tidy and every day is a battle to get the hoover round? Well I had one of these days where I just thought enough was enough. My first stage was the decluttering, so I got some bin bags and threw away all the toys that had parts missing, that they had grown out of, teddies too big really to be kept anywhere and books they didn’t read. (Donated these to library) Although we all loved the purple colour it made the room feel rather dark so we needed a colour change and the carpet was painted and coloured with all their crafts so time for new.


Next stage was to remove everything out of the room for plastering and get rid of the carpets so we pulled these up and removed everything from the room even the stencil off the girls wall.

The room was looking better already or maybe it was just nice to have it looking tidy for once , I am not sure. We decided on a nice pink colour to brighten the room up and then bought some gloss for the skirting boards. The next job was to emulsion the walls a week after the plastering was done to allow it a perfect time to dry. Once that was dry it was time to get the pink paint on.

The next job was to get the carpet in, we went for a lovely grey colour as thought the contrast of the pink walls and the grey carpet would work well together.

Our next adventure was a trip to Ikea for new wardrobes and units and some inspiration to what to have in the bedroom. As the girls are getting older they seem to play less with toys and spent more time creating, writing stories and doing home work so something where they could word progress, access websites and help them be online was good. We found a lovely desk for £40 and then a pegboard to go on the back of the desk. It was ideal for Summer as she has to learn scripts and songs all the time so she can pin them to it, she can put pens in the pots and notebooks and information in the holder. We think it looks beautiful.


The other finishing touches were the beautiful grey blackout curtains with stars on we got from ebay for £18 which I thought was a great price. Our wardrobes and other Unit fit in lovely and we just need a vanity unit now to complete the room.


Where is your favourite place to buy homeware? And what’s the prettiest bargain you have got for decorating a room?

3 thoughts on “Redecorating : Girls room

  1. Great use of space. I need to sort my kids rooms too but they hate letting things go! Predictable but Ikea have always managed to create decent storage solutions, although I think they could do with some new ideas I’ve done the billy ones & the ones with the plastic trays…

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  2. The room turned out so nice! I don’t have kids to shop for but I love Ikea for affordable and great stuff!


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