What we are watching : March

My million Pound Menu

To start March off we have been watching a lovely cooking programme on Iplayer. It features the guy from First Dates. The premise is the 3 individuals or pairs have to cook a dish to get the interest of 4 investors then one is selected to go to Manchester and cook an evening meal and then the next day a lunch menu. The investors decide how many of them will attend each meal in the restaurant and then if they want to invest at the end. It was a real nice easy to watch programme and some of the food looked delicious and inspiring. It was also nice to see some get mentors and investment.

The Umbrella Academy

We (parents) have just started watching this new series on Netflix. It is a bit slow to begin with but each of the 7 kids involved are now grown up and back together now their father has died and they are trying to figure out what happened. It seems everyone in the series has a hidden story or agenda so we look forward to the last 5 episodes of this one.

Isn’t It Romantic

Me and Summer spent a nice relaxing Saturday night watching this film and eating chocolate. It stars Rebel Wilson as the main character and has many funny parts. It is easy to watch and reminds you of so many other romantic comedy films. The music in it I really enjoyed. The film is mainly about a women who feels like she isn’t noticed by men and is really sceptical about romantic comedies, then she wakes from an accident where she bumps her head and men are calling her ‘beguiling’ and noticing her which makes her confused and her co-workers have changed. She realises in the end its not a mans love she needs it is to love herself.

Pitch Perfect

I don’t know why I have gone so long without seeing this film, I just popped it on one day on Now Tv and was hooked. The songs, the style, the characters are all relatable and enjoyable to watch. The story was really good and I was searching for Pitch Perfect 2 as soon as it was over. I didn’t find number 2 but number 3 was on Now Tv as well so watched that. The scenes on the boat were pretty cool when Rebel saved her friends and it again is an easy feel good film to watch. As Summer does singing I thought it might also be a good series of films for her to watch. The film follows some girls at High School or College creating a singing group and entering a yearly competition, however the routine and songs have become stagnant so need to gain a new twist or some fun and something new, queue the new members of the group.


We found this just by searching on the Iplayer for something to watch and thought we would give it a go. We were laughing in the first 30 seconds when he was at the petrol station. It is the daily life of Warren, a driving instructor and his family and neighbour. There are quite a few scenes where it is just funny and quick witted humour. It was easy to watch and we look forward to seeing the rest of the episodes. The funniest bit is where he takes his stepson for a job interview and he gets banned from the garden centre.



7 thoughts on “What we are watching : March

  1. Pitch perfect is a firm favourite in our house, my Mum shared them with my son who was obsessed and I’ve shared with my step daughters.

    The music is great too. I might have the soundtracks in my car 🤪

    Loved isn’t it romantic but mainly for Rebel!


  2. I could not get into Umbrella Academy at all! Pitch Perfect, however, is a long-time favorite! I think I will check out Isn’t It Romantic, I love anything with Rebel Wilson.


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