Popcorn Shed Review

#ad – We have been spoilt this week as the girls got some lovely popcorn to review, so we were sent some gorgeous flavours of popcorn to try and the girls really enjoyed trying them. They decided to make a video trying the different popcorns. Ignore Ruby’s face in the main shot one of the flavours wasn’t here favourite and watch our for Summer sneaking a second piece of her favourite one.

The Popcorn Shed offers flavoured gourmet popcorn. You can visit them here http://www.popcornshed.com . They have a range of flavours – The husband and Summer devoured the Say Cheese – They said it was definitely the best. Ruby loved the chocolate one and the sweet caramel. They also have berry flavour, Pecan pie and Sweet Cheesus. The colours of the packaging are also adorable and eye catching.


The boxes retail for around £3.50 and the large jars around £15 which we think is great value for gourmet popcorn.

They have nice little sized bags at less than 120 calories, they are very colourful and have a range of flavour choices. They also come in pretty jars or nice gift boxes so are ideal for teacher gifts, gifts for your girlfriends or even the kids for movie night as we all love a little snack while watching a movie and what better than popcorn. The little snack packs are available as a bundle for £18 on the website so can last a few weeks of movie night snack time.


8 thoughts on “Popcorn Shed Review

  1. This is adorable. What cute kids! It looks like they enjoyed doing this review. I would have loved to test out popcorn as a kid. What a fun thing to do. Love the video and your blog is great. Thanks so much for sharing!


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