Review : Tights Subscription

#ad This product was gifted for us to try out the subscription service of tights by post, however the review is honest.

So we received this lovely box through the post that was so well wrapped. I loved the packaging and the sticker labels made it feel more special.


Once inside you get the information about the 3 pairs of tights you receive. They were all sized large that I received which I expected to be too small. I am a size 14 and 5″11 so usually buy XL but they fitted perfect. They do feel like they will be tight when you are first getting them on but they are so comfy once on and they do offer such adequate support. Here is the information on the tights I received, which I think is nice to have information on.

As someone who pretty much lives in tights and dresses and skirts I love the idea of great supporting tights as I have so many issues with laddered tights on a daily basis. It is a running joke between me and the husband if I go a day without laddering tights. I will happily say I have worn the 120 denier now 3 times and no problems at all with the quality. The price tag for the subscription is around £30-35 I believe, you can find out more at  . I did think this was a little pricey at first however when I am buying a pair of tights for £3 and they ladder each time, I only need to wear each of these pairs of tights four times and the money is saved. I also love how they look and how comfy they feel.

20190313_092314 The downsides as far as I could see so far were that all the tights were black, I love to wear them mainly in the winter when its dark and cold and I have more layers on but usually in the summer when I have more colourful dresses on I do like the tan tights and I am not sure if the option for tan, see through and different colours is there. I am also not sure if I would wear a 50 denier as I feel self concious about my legs so tend to like the thicker more supportive tights however this is just personal preference.


3 thoughts on “ Review : Tights Subscription

  1. Great review, I agree it seems pricey until you weigh up how many holey pairs of hosiery (Batman!) one gets through in a lifetime! I am a (full!) foot shorter than you though (& a lot wider) so I would be a little anxious as to what size I would choose. I usually end up looking like Nora Batty in tights so I often stick to trousers (which my mum still has to take up!)


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