Summers Birthday Party

A few weeks ago Summer had her 9th birthday and she loves having a party. Summer has had a few different parties over the years, mainly disco’s with characters and sweet carts so it was time to switch it up. As summer is getting older she wanted a different birthday party, something girly, sophisticated but also fun. So what better than a pamper party with cake and fancy sandwiches. The theme was unicorns, we booked a local spa and she invited 6 of her best friends to enjoy her birthday party. The room was decorated with pretty sponge pom pom balls and fairy lights all around.The day arrived and we drove to her party -We were greeted by a nail bar, fancy seats ready foe the treatments and a table with cake and yummy fruits. The walls we put up pin the horn on the unicorn game and there was a camera and ring light set up with a picture frame and some fun glasses to use as props.



The first treatment the girls had was a facial and neck and shoulder massage and they took it in turns to have their nails painted. Most chose purple, green and silver colours and a mix. Then it was time to have some food. After food the girls played ludo, snakes and ladders and pin the horn on the unicorn. After they all had glitter tattoos and facial glitter with the birthday girl getting an extra special treatment.


Once they were done they had a surprise for the birthday girl, When her friends were having there nails done the therapist asked them to tell her one nice thing they all thought of summer so after they all sung to her the lady read out all the nice things her friends had said about her. Then they were all given party bags with sweets and bath bombs in and that was the end of the party.

The girls all said they had a great time. I think for next year we have some ideas of karaoke themed parties, roller disco parties, cooking parties, baking parties, bowling parties or climbing the wall at our local leisure centre.


Last Year when Ruby had her party just to cut down on costs we had a party at home. The girls have a playstation 2 and singing games in their room, Xbox 360 and also Lips games so the kids came round played singing games, dressed up in their costumes and played with their toys for an hour and then for food we bought an afternoon tea selection from a local café and put this on the three tier cake stands, put some crisps in bowls and decorated with a pink plates and a white tablecloth and it looked beautiful. If you had a bigger budget and your garden was big enough you could also put a bouncy castle in, unfortunately with Summers birthday in February we have to rely on the weather and the last couple of years we have had snow, ice and frost in February. The pound shop do lovely little popcorn holders and fancy little wine style glasses that the kids loved.

Ideas for party bags can include bath bombs, princess Tiaras, nice bracelets or glitter tattoos and obviously a slice of cake.

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