Disneyland Paris : Our Holiday

So we had a lovely week in Disneyland Paris, we did Monday to Friday staying in Newport Bay hotel and travelling on Ferry. They have an arcade with dance mats, a shop and also a restaurant on the ferry and the crossing takes around 90 minutes. When we first arrived the hotel looked beautiful. Our beds had Mickey Mouse shapes at the top and the room was a nice blue and nautical theme.


Our TV had cool kids cartoon channels Disney XD and Disney Junior so we could relax and watch those and with our magic passes we got Hot chocolate from the machine on our floor. On the first night we went to the Studios park and had a ride on the Aladdin magic carpets ride, we also went to see the moteurs stunt show with the cars and bikes. It was a marvellous show with the fire and the stunts, we even saw Lightning Mcqueen. There are many seats to sit on in the arena area and they all have a great view of the show. It shows you how they film car races in the movies so well worth a watch. On the first night we had a meal at the Kind Ludwig restaurant which is in the Disney Village. They give you a little crown to wear for kids and you get lovely food and a pudding and drink.



On Tuesday, technically our second day we got up early, had the hot chocolate in our hotel room then hopped outside to get on the bus to the parks. Once we got there we went through the checks and ready to get on the rides in Fantasy Land at 8:30am ready for magic hour. It is very worthwhile using these hours to get on the rides before the park is open to everyone. If you stay in one of the hotels you get an extra hour in the park each morning. On our first magic hour we went on the Peter Pan flight ride, the carousel, Dumbo the flying elephant, the Mad hatter Tea cups, ‘It’s a small world’ and then used our magic passes to get fast track for the Buzz Lightyear ride later that day. Once you have scanned your pass it tells you a time to come back and it also tells you the next time you can get a new fast pass so some days you can manage to get 2 in one day depending on ticket availability. All those rides we all went on as a family so they were suitable for our 2 year old as well. They are all nice and small rides.

We also managed to take some photos in front of the beautiful castle, watch the Princess Vs Pirates parade that included Princess, lots of colourful dancers, Peter Pan and Jake from Jake and the neverland Pirates. We even got to meet a character in the Park.



On Wednesday we went for the magic pass hour again but went to DiscoveryLand and literally ran for the Hyperspace Mountain that Ruby closed her eyes on the whole way around, well she is 6 and it was her first loop the loop roller coaster and apparently it goes really fast, I didn’t go on as rollercoasters aren’t my thing so me, Summer and their brothers went on the Buzz Lightride ride. You sit in a car and shoot the laser gun at objects, you can control your car to turn it all around to get maximum shooting positions and it is a lovely ride we went on twice while we were there. You do need fast pass with it or to go on in the magic hour though as it does get really busy.

There is also the Orbitron around there which is like little aeroplanes that go as high or low as you like and you spin or orbit around. Then they have the Philharmagic show where you get 3D glasses and watch a small show that is beautiful to see and well worth a watch. We also went to see Darth Vader and queued around 30 minutes to see him which was a fab experience and then we went on the 4D ride which was brilliant and all Star Wars themed. You put the 3D glasses on and then have a brilliant experience where it feels like you are zooming really fast and the seats shake. There is also a Les Mysteres du nautilus where you can walk down the stairs and see Captain Nemo Submarine, these are all rides in the same area. At the side of Discovery Land there is also the Curious Labyrinth in Fantasyland where you can find your way through and find a big castle to climb up and look at the beautiful views. In Fantasyland we also went on the little train and boat ride which are suitable for all ages and they both had short under 15 minute wait times while we were there so easy to get on in the afternoons when the park was really busy.



On this day we had a lovely meal at Planet Hollywood which is just out of the Parks in the Disney Village, for tea here we had McDonalds, again in the Disney Village. The prices are a little more expensive but not ridiculous. We did do the buffet on the Tuesday however we didn’t find it value for money at around 35 euros for adults and 18 for kids with only one drink each. We found some of the fountains around the park where good to fill water bottles up to save money so this was a good idea and we didn’t do any of the character breakfasts. We did download the Lineberty app but didn’t realise you had to be in the right park when you were requesting your tickets and they got released about 9:45 and were gone by 10am, however some people said they get released throughout the day. We missed the Spiderman as it was the Thursday when we were in the production park and that was his day off that week. We did get tickets for Buzz however it said 5 hours so we went to the other park and while in there 2 hours later it said it was our time for the Meet and Greet so we thought well we have missed it now if we have to move between parks so that was a shame.

On the Thursday we went to the Studios and got straight on to the Ratatouille ride as most people rushing in magic hour were going to Crush Coaster as the queues for that had been long all week even in magic hour. So we got straight on and the ride was brilliant, it just seems trackless, you are shrunk down to little mouse side and travel around, it is brilliant the way it is all set up and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the ride, next we went on the Slinky dog ride and Ruby and daddy went on the Parachutes drop ride which they loved. There are so many different rides to explore. Once that was done we watched the Star Wars First Order march, then went to see the interactive Lilo and Stitch show followed by the Disney Junior show where puppets of Mickey, Minnie and Friends and others from the Disney Junior channel entertained the kids live on stage. Our little brother, who is 2 loved both shows as it was a great experience.

Then we crossed over to the main park, where daddy went on the Indiana Jones ride after we had got fast track passes for the Big Thunder Mountain for later in the day. He said the Indiana ride was good and had loop the loop but Ruby wasn’t old enough to go on. Then we went on a lovely boat ride around Big thunder mountain that lasted 20 minutes and then it was time for the Thunder mountain. It is like a train roller coaster and is fast, dark in parts and does about 3 climbs, it is quite a long ride which surprised me and Summer when we went on. We then went back to the other park to queue and meet Chewbacca and after an hour of queueing we all god a cuddle and then it was ready for some food so we went to a Deli in the village and then stayed to watch the Production Courtyard showing of Star Wars fireworks at the end of the day at 7pm (Feb time, others may vary).

Our hotel had even Mickey Mouse ears on the Shower gel bottles in our bathroom and on the last night we bought some cookies in Mickey shape from the shop and enjoyed those with our hot chocolate. We booked a later ferry to tie up all the loose ends on the last day and go on our favourite rides twice. Our favourites were Pirates of the Caribbean, a cool water ride with a couple of drops, Buzz Lightyear because it was just fun and you can get scores and be competitive and also the It’s a small world ride because it is visually beautiful, even if the song is a tad annoying.


All in all we had a fabulous time. You can do it pretty cheaply if you avoid the shops, take water bottles for the fountains and just plan your time well. Our tips would be make the most of the magic hours, use the fast passes if you get the chance with your cards, make sure of the drinks machine in the hotels and chat to others in the park, also there are quite a few groups on Facebook full of tips and inspiration for your trip so make use of these.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris – If so what was your favourite ride?








18 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris : Our Holiday

  1. We’ve been talking about going in the near future (never been) and you’ve brought up some interesting points. For example, I had no idea that you would get an extra hour in the park if you stay in their hotels. That’s definitely something to take into consideration.


    1. You do really need the hour especially at 10am because the queues just seem to get longer throughout the day. The only drawback to the magic hour is some areas aren’t open until 10am and people do queue at the entrance to the areas 30 minutes before, we were shocked at the queues to queue. In one morning we got on 4 rides, after 10am one of those was a 60 minute queue.


  2. Disneyland Paris sounds amazing! The food pictures you took looks so deliciousand the rides and the castle itself looks so pretty! The picture of the DDR platform takes me back to when I was much younger hahaha! Thank you for sharing xx


  3. Really enjoyed reading this and nice pics too! Great money saving tips too! Haven’t been yet but it’s on the list!


  4. I’ve only been to the Forida, USA Disney and I loved it. I definitely plan on taking my baby and niece when they get older and doing a hotel there will be a must!


  5. What a lovely read. Went to Disney in Florida way back in the early 90’s was very impressed – they did it really well. Great pictures.

    I’m sure we’ll be taking our kids in the future to Disney in Paris……looks very fun.


  6. Great photos, your kids are adorable! I’ve been to Disneyworld in Florida and also Disneyland in California. Nice insider tip about staying in their hotel to get in the park earlier. Not to mention getting the Mickey Mouse ears on the shower gel bottles!


  7. This must have been so exciting! I’ve never been to Disneyland although I’ve been to LA and Paris like 20 times. Reading your post makes me want to book a flight right away! 🙂


  8. I’ve just come back! Fab detailed post 🙂 I’ve just wrote one about Disneyland Paris if you care to look 🙂 favourite ride is a tough one! Love Peter Pan though and space mountain is always a winner x


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