Valentines Gift Guide

I have a great soft spot for valentines considering its the day when my now husband asked me to be his girlfriend. Our second valentines together we spent in a luxury lodge with hot tub eating personalised box of fancy chocolates and drinking champagne so it is always a special time for us. Here are my recommendations for gifts for the woman or man in your life.

For the Woman

Aquamanda Perfume – £40

Born in the 60’s or 70’s or just love the era, then this gift is ideal. The fragrance begins with a luminous and juicy citrus accord delicately combined with a contrasted floral heart. Enjoy this nostalgic scent from Aqua Manda London.


Aqua Manda Perfume


BakerDays Valentines Cakes – £15

These beautiful letterbox cakes are ideal as a token of your love. The 5 inches Victoria sponge cake are the perfect gift for the lady who loves cake and can be personalised with words and a picture. Different sizes and designs are available.


Baker Days Valentines Cake


For the Couple

Desire Cards

These fun sexy pack of cards are ideal for an adventurous couple, get the kids to bed and shuffle the deck, each pick 3 cards and then make a dare for your partner with the pictures on the cards. Enjoy a fun, wild night of desire. Can be purchased between £6-10.


Candy Underwear



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