I love Maths

So I went to a meeting at the school the other morning all about the SATS tests for KS1 to assess the stage the children are at. I guess small tests like this are good for the teachers to show what level the kids are at and then they can put extra help in place if the child is struggling.

My daughter is 6 so she will be doing these tests in May. It was nice to have a sample of the tests handed out and to see the type of tests she will be doing and the type of questions she will be asked. However some of the in depth stuff I am not sure she would know yet so I tasked myself to create a few resources for her to help her out. The first one this morning is a little video with a few questions on that will hopefully just give her a little taste of the questions.

If you want to have a go the questions are here in this video, it does go a little quick so may need to be paused.


Maths1 on Biteable.

Ruby has more
8, 15, 22, 28, 67, 82
90 Minutes

I am hoping to do more of these videos to help my kids with the KS1 and also my older kids with the KS2 SATS. It does help that I love Maths.

What are your favourite education websites or resources for helping your kids learn?

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