Lets Start with Pinterest

This is more of a post for beginners getting started with Pinterest based on what I have learnt in the last 6 months. Hope it might be useful.

Don’t think of Pinterest as a social media, don’t expect instant results like Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Think of it as a search engine for pictures. So with this in mind we need to find out what people are searching for.

So once you have created Pinterest, made it a business account, then add and claim your website. There are 3 little dots in the middle corner on the desktop, if you click on these and then on the left hand categories you will see CLAIM. If you click on that and link your website and also YouTube and Instagram can be linked if you like.

Next we look at our analytics options top left hand corner to find out what people are using Pinterest for. Now I may see on mine that people are searching for education things and then once clicked on I could see many people looking for Maths help so if I was a parent blogging who enjoyed education and wanted to target people looking for Maths education resources that may be a good target. So first I would write a relevant blog post that would be helpful to my reader, I might even make some worksheets and let people download them from my web page or just have ideas of websites that help with Maths support or ideas from the curriculum.

Next we have to make the PINS. Ideally each blog post should have around 4 PINS in different styles. This helps two things – It gives you chance to rotate the PINS all linking to that post and if you have tailwind that’s 4 different PINS posted to different places and repined so a bigger chance of getting seen. The second thing is that after you have had the 4 PINS on for a while you can check the analytics from your website to see which PIN is getting the most views over time.

Now on to creating the PINS. I have noticed over the last few weeks many PINS that people have created that are beautiful however there is nothing encouraging a click through, because they may have just written a post they think is lovely but people may not necessarily be searching for that. Lets see the 2 pins I created below.

So as we see above the PIN on the left hand side just has some text that doesn’t really encourage anyone to click through, the PIN is dull looking and boring and I wouldn’t click it. If I was looking for maths assistance and support I would definitely choose the one on the right because it asks me to click and tells me what information I can gain by clicking. Remember through to put the URL to your website page that is relevant when you add the PIN to Pinterest.

The next topic is about boards, you need somewhere to pin to. If your blog and niche is all about education you can have boards for each one but don’t just call them Maths, My blog posts, Maths Posts or anything encompassing all. Why not try with Maths Education resources. When I started typing Maths in the Pinterest search bar it came up with Maths revision GCSE and Maths EYFS so maybe a board for Maths EYFS Resources or activities would be a helpful board. Don’t forget to add a category and description to your board to make sure you are putting the keywords in that are relevant to you.

Next is to PIN to the boards, try and add your PINS to your own boards and then PIN other relevant PINS to your boards. You should see your unique viewers and engaged numbers increasing, say if you did 10 minutes each day of Pinning to your boards. It might be helpful to create PINS by the bath to suit your blog posts, have a call to action and link to URL on your website and add them to your boards, search for other relevant PINS and add them to your boards to help your audience.

Next find other relevant boards, Facebook has many groups with people who have open boards where you can also Post your PINs to that help get your PIN out there and seen. The more you get your PIN out there the more chance of click throughs to your website if you have created a good PIN.

Treat Pinterest as a long term strategy, I am still learning with it. I haven’t put as much effort in as I maybe should have however I am going to make the effort for the next month to consistently PIN and see if my numbers grow so I will report back. I currently have 41k monthly views and 1.2k engaged so I would love to grow this to 100k and more engaged.

There is a thing called Tailwind that can help enormously with Pinterest, more information about it can be found on this lovely Ladies blog here. If you need more support with your Pinterest check out Kirsty’s Pinterest management here


4 thoughts on “Lets Start with Pinterest

  1. I love how Pinterest is its own thing and is a great tool to share some content. It is interesting to see how Pinterest evolved over the years. I totally agree with you about having to pick a picture that is visually appealing and attractive to others. Thanks for sharing beginner tips for Pinterest!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  2. This is such a great post, thanks for the advice. I’ve been blogging for less than a month and I’m just trying to work out how to use Pinterest effectively, so I’ll definitely be following your advice 😊


  3. Thanks for sharing this. I tried Pinterest, but really didn’t get it. Twitter and Insta come more naturally, but this is encouraging to give it a second try and I will for sure come back even I finally give it a second chance. 🙏🏻


  4. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been using Pinterest on and off for a few months but when I did with some continuity, the results did come. So, time to use it more frequently I guess 🙂


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