Weight Loss Link Post

So we decided to create a post to see how well other people’s weight loss was going since January resolutions began. The idea is we answer the questions below and then tag 3 people to post the questions on their blogs, so here are my answers to the ten questions.


1 What is the reason for your weight loss? I want to tone up overall and just lose a stone, essentially my wobbly legs and love handles just to fit in my clothes better and feel better in shape.
2 What pitfalls have you come across that have made your weight loss unsuccessful? I think my main problem is snacking especially on an evening. Sometimes I don’t feel hungry in the morning till about 2pm in the afternoon and then tend to eat later. I also find at work it is hard to eat healthy as I don’t like salads and I think sandwiches can be quite unhealthy.
3 What are your favourite meal ideas for weight loss? Favourite meal ideas usually involve jacket potatoes, beans, chicken and lots of vegetables.
4 What are your favourite exercises? I like things that are fun such as Zumba, team sports such as netball where I play twice a week in a league and I also like things like squats and lunges but I cannot always find the motivation to do them.
5 How do you stay motivated? I struggle really with motivation sometimes, it is really hard to wait to see results and then I sort of fall off the wagon, start snacking and I have pretty much been the same size for 14 years. I want to motivate myself this time as I am 30 this year so want to look good for 30.
6 How do you celebrate your success? I haven’t got any success at the moment – I think I may need to join a group like slimming world or something just to get myself motivated. I think in a group with sessions might encourage me a little more to get involved with actually doing something.
7 Have you got an overall goal? Overall I just want to tone up the flabby areas and probably be around the 12 stone 5 mark which is healthy for my height and frame. I will never be slim and I like my hourglass / pear shape just with less jiggly bits.
8 Do you follow any weight loss accounts on social media, if so which ones? I don’t actually follow any weight loss or health accounts. I do use YouTube if I want to look at healthy videos of exercise but for weight loss no not really, I think that’s because most of them focus on eating foods that I just would not enjoy.
9 Where do you buy your work out clothing? TKMaxx is my favourite shop for everything. I just bought some beautiful pink trainers for £30 and a nice crap top for £12 so it’s a really well priced store.
10 What advice would you give to any weight loss newbies? Find your pitfalls and then plan a solution. If you fail or have a blip, don’t get too disheartened and keep going.

I tag Aesthetics By Alex  |  Lottie Corbett  |  OneCaringMom

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