Quick Making and Saving Money Guide

There are so many ways you can make money from home if you have time and many other ways you can Save Money. Here are my favourite websites and ideas for making money and saving money, budgeting and overhauling your finances.

In order to start 2019 in a quest to save as much money as possible you need to currently look at where you are with your finances now, get a bank statement and look at your incomings column for a month and total that up, this could include wages, tax credits, overtime payments, second job income, interest or anything. Then look at your outgoings, firstly look at your direct debits and see if they are relevant and you still use them. Then look at the things you pay every month and check they are absolutely necessary. If your income is smaller than your outgoings then you need to be more frugal or you need to make more money to cover the expenses so you don’t drop into debt. But don’t worry we can help by looking at ways to cut back and also to make a little extra money.

First we look at ways you can make money:

  • Blogging: Being a blogger is a great way to make money, there are a few sites where you can find opportunities to get paid for your postings such as GetBlogged, LinkMonster and Bloggersrequired. Affiliate marketing is another option with sites like Amazon Affiliates, AWIN and
  • Cleaning – To be a cleaner self employed you essentially need insurance, a vehicle to get around and some leaflets or word of mouth to get some custom. There are also many cleaning jobs advertised on Indeed and other jobsites, usually these type of jobs are at various points through the day, evenings or weekends to fit around your lifestyle.
  • Modelling / Extra – If you enjoy being around movie or TV sets have lots of free time and have a DBS check then why not register with some Extra agencies, there are plenty of them around. Just send in your pictures and stats and see if you get taken on.
  • Surveys – There are many survey sites out there with opportunities daily to complete questions for many brands. It will take you a while to set up your profiles and give your information but then you will get daily emails with new opportunities for you. Simply fill in the questions and then submit to get your points. All points are converted into vouchers, usually either Amazon or Paypal. Check the T & C and info on each site though. Some good sites I recommend – ValuedOpinions, YouGov, GlobaltestMarket, BrandedSurveys and also TestableMinds, Crowdology, Paidproducttesting and Mingle.
  • Apps – Again apps are an easy way to make a little extra cash. Just add them to your phone and fill in your information. These apps aren’t surveys and questionnaires as such they offer different opportunities so Jobspotter is where you take photos of job ads in shop windows, great if you shop a lot. Then we have people.io which is good for quick daily questionnaires and then others for snapping receipts such as receiptHog and Shoppix. Other good ones are Vypr where they ask you questions when you are in store so you need Location on your mobile phone.

If you need more tips check out my 42 ways to make money from home guide.

Then we look at how we can save money

  • Mortgages – Are you no longer on a fixed rate? You can save money usually by tying yourself into a fixed rate with lower interest. Make sure you shop around when your deal is coming to an end and if you can get into a better LTV band then you may be able to overpay your mortgage to get a better LTV band next time you remortgage to get a better rate. For example if they have a rate of 1.59% at 50% LTV and you have a house worth £100k and you have £51k left on the mortgage but you overpay £1500, if you can afford, that will mean you could possibly get the 1.59% rate (subject to credits checks and affordability) so sometimes its worth if you can afford pushing to get a better deal and checking all your options available.
  • Gym – Can you workout at home. YouTube has many videos on fitness, you can work out on a bike or take a walk around the local area to cut down on costs.
  • Meal Planning – This is a category all in itself. There are many household staple cheap foods that fill you up that don’t cost a fortune such as baked beans, soups, breads, pasta and similar foods.
  • Direct Debits – If you don’t use the service and the contract has ended then cancel your direct debits and make sure to let the companies know you want to cancel, always check the terms and conditions though as nothing worse than them trying to take money out of your bank.
  • Top Cashback – Many sites now offer cashback if you shop through them so worth checking out before you make a purchase.

If you need more ideas to cut back why not see Louis’s post for an idea of a no spend month  or check out Kirstys  free budget planner .

What are your best tips for saving and making money?

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