What I am Watching 2019

Murder on the Orient Express – Now TV

So we decided to watch this finally, I am not into horror type things or murders usually however I have heard of this before and it was a 12 so how bad could it be?. We loved the setting off the film, the start of it seemed a bit rushed in order to get the people on the train and the murder seemed to happen pretty quick. The back stories of all the people on the train were pretty interesting and it soon becomes clear they can all be linked to the murderer. Luckily they have the best detective in the world on the train, Poirot. So he is set to solve the murder, it is written cleverly and the setting, characters and story are well thought out however it could give a letter more of a backstory, more twists and turns, it just seemed like they all got on the train, were interrogated and then the murder was solved. I won’t ruin the ending suffice to say it was just too simple, although I think Poirot was correct in his last decision to say there was a reason for the murder I feel it could have had a better ending. Even with that said, it was a good watch and is worthwhile if your looking for a nice film for older kids or couples night viewing.

Bad Move – Netflix

Many times me and craig watch stuff were we think it has been dragged on, however we felt the opposite with this Series 1. The 30 minute episodes and 6 episodes just flew by, it was funny, light hearted and the guy who works in the back of the shop was really funny. I do love Jack Dee and I really enjoyed Led Balloon, I also like Miles Jupp and the series has many other familiar characters. I was only disappointed they didn’t have series 2 on Netflix as well as would love to have watched that as well. All in all great characters, light hearted, easy to watch comedy about a couple who have had enough of life in the city and move to the country and many people you will have seen before, enjoy!

Daredevil – Netflix

We have seen all defenders series now so it was nice to watch the last season of Daredevil. Although titled daredevil it did seem very focused on King Pin and could have easily been named the KingPin show. I love the Wilson Fisk character and he as a character is so clever and always one step ahead and I like that in a character. However half way through it just seemed like it was too easy for him and he had the wool over everyone’s eyes. The characters in this I liked and the back stories that showed why they were like they are now were interesting, however I am glad that Daredevil and Kingpin came to a solution in the end and made a deal – I feel it was a brilliant way to end the series as they both got what they wanted. However I was a little surprised at how much Wilson was willing to do for Vanessa considering he had seemed to know her for only a very short time, I guess in this case it was love at first sight and the love did run very deep even though they had seemed rather awkward together in the flat.

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri – Now TV

This film isn’t something I would usually pick, but I got an email to say it was on and then I looked up reviews and they were really impressive. The film is about a woman who had a daughter who was raped and murdered but 7 months later they didn’t catch the killer and the mum wanted the police to do something about it so she advertised on three billboards. The story is brilliant, the characters are perfect and I really enjoyed watching until it got to the end. I just don’t like it when they leave things unexplained, I kind of feel like it hasn’t ended and that disappointed me. There were quite a few funny bits especially the mum and the drunk cop characters and there are some really sad and dark bits – All in all a great film and I would recommend.

Fifty Shades Freed

I didn’t realise this was out in 2018, I thought the idea was they were coming out every two years so I missed this when it came out. The film started with them getting married, the sister gets kidnapped and there are a couple of sex scenes but the whole film seems to lack a story, compared to the other two. I love the characters, I enjoy watching and have read the books but this film just seemed to bumble along. The ending was pretty sweet but there was no real depth to explore of how Christian became a good and loving father we just sort of assumed because he neither lost them with the whole Jack thing that he realised what he would have lost and then he knew he was loved and did love. A sweet film and I guess if you have seen the other two definitely worth a watch.



23 thoughts on “What I am Watching 2019

  1. Daredevil is so good. SO GOOD! I’m a big fan of the Marvel movies and shows, but even those who aren’t will love the story lines in that one.


    1. Have you seen the Jessica jones and luke cage series as well? And lets not forget the Punisher series. Think it took us 2 days to watch the last one – I love Netflix and its full series in one go… but then I have nothing to watch after a couple of days.


  2. Great review! I really enjoyed Murder on the Orient Express, but agree that the ending could have been way better. I was definitely disappointed. I loved reading your thoughts!


  3. Great review and you make me want to watch all of them but I only have limited time. If I have to choose one, I guess I will go for Daredevil as I also love the Wilson Fisk character.


  4. Sounds like nice shows. I am not a persistent watcher, I tend to kill a day for Netflix series from time to time, hehe


  5. Looks like a great selection to watch on Netflix, I have been meaning to watch Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri for a while now


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