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Adventures of Jenny and Philip

I got an offer a while ago to be gifted a book that was about a story set in Yorkshire which features a strong female character called Jenny. Knowing my daughter loves reading so much, honestly she is like a real life Matilda, I thought it would be a lovely little book for her to read.

What we thought? So Summer read the book and then I read it. I have to be honest and say Summer didn’t seem that interested in the story and when I read it I felt that the story didn’t flow and I believe that was because of the way the full stops and short words are after the sentences in the story. I asked a friend who has 3 children to read and she felt the same.

The book starts about a girl who was adopted by her Auntie and Uncle and she is a naughty child, her parents send her to the naughty step but she doesn’t learn to be good. On the naughty step there is a talking cat called Philip who shows her a world where children don’t get toys and treats and convinces her to be good. However as an adult I found it confusing as she was being badly behaved for her adoptive parents and still getting treats so there didn’t seem an incentive to be good for her.

Once you get to the middle of the book the story does seem to have a better flow and does seem to focus on an important lessons about being good, she is shown something about kids with nothing to eat and no toys which is to convince her about being kind so I guess the important message is for her to be kind and grateful, and by that she can be well behaved.

What is the book about?  The book is about friendships and has a positive, strong little girl as the lead who knows her own mind, but is open to learning. It is a timely story which ties in to many difficult events happening in the world right now, this is also fun, engaging and joyful, and accompanied by beautiful illustrations. It is aimed at ages 4-7.

Who is the book for? It’s the perfect book for adults to read to pre-school children, and for young people to read for themselves. Interwoven with humour and learning, this book aims to guide younger children through basic issues of ethics and morality, understanding their place in the world.

What does the author say? Leeds author and award-winning journalists Dawn-Maria France said. “I have written a children’s book set in Yorkshire, because as a northern woman, a sense of place and home is important to me, and I’d like children to recognise that books can be set in different places and different counties. I wanted to include engaging characters and a storyline that instills a sense of joy. I also wanted to create the main character as a strong little girl, with faults like everyone, but with ability to listen and learn.”

Where can I buy? 

You can purchase the book at Amazon on the link below:

Adventures of Jenny and Philip Book

Read here about Phil’s review of the book called The Family Book

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