SMART Goals for 2019

We all need goals and what better time to make them than at the start of a new year then you have 365 days to work on them and hopefully achieve them, but how do we achieve goals, lets think about the whole process.

First I want you to note down 3 goals you hope to achieve by the end of the year – These should be hard goals as you want a challenge but not ridiculous goals so for example if you want to work with a certain brand, or maybe you want to make so many sales for your business. Your goal could be a combined social media following of 50k but if you only have 2k now that isn’t very realistic.

So you have your 3 goals that you wrote down – We need to decide whether these are SMART goals or not.

SPECIFIC – A re they specific enough? If you say you want to work with brands this year that isn’t specific as you could work with any brand. I might want to work with 3 specific brands this year or I might say I want to concentrate on working with one company who do a lot of things say Mattel. Your goal might be to work with a charity or link with another business in the same field but to make that specific you need to know exactly how you want to work with them and what you hope to get from them.

MEASURABLE – Can you measure the success you are having? This is why it is easier to make goals with numbers in so it is easier to measure. For example if you aim to earn £10,000 revenue from blogging this year then that is easily measurable as you know how much has come in and you can track that month to month. If your goal is to be supplied by a certain distributor because you like their products it is much harder to measure success, you may have contacted them and are waiting to hear back but it is hard to decipher how close you are to reaching that goal. The good thing about number targets is that you can easily see when they are falling off track so you can put other plans in place to make them work better.

ACHIEVABLE – If I am starting out on Instagram and my goal is 1 million followers by the end of the year it doesn’t sound very achievable – If I say 20k then it is a little high however it can be achieved through hard work or other means. The good thing about this as a goal is because it is a number so if by month 3 you haven’t achieved the quota for that period you can up your efforts to make sure you reach the goal.

REALISTIC – This is quite similar to the achievable one in that to be achieved they have to be realistic so if you are a new blogger you may not instantly get the big deals and to work with the brands with high value items so set your targets to be realistic. If you work with one new brand a month that is pretty realistic in the parenting or beauty sector but other niches might be totally different so just think about your goals and be realistic.

TIME – All goals need a time frame. My goals for 2019 will be for the end of the year because it is easier, this doesn’t mean I will leave everything and review in December though, like any business model and goal system goals need to be reviewed periodically. I suggest once a month to review and see how close you are to your goals, then you can see where you need to put in more effort to reach your goals.

Reviews – Set a monthly review so you know if you want 12k followers on Instagram and Twitter in a year you need to review after a month and you should expect to receive 1k followers a month to get to your goal by the end of the year. In order to do this you will need actions so you need to work out what your actions are, these could be:

-Posting more pictures on Instagram

-Engaging more with other peoples pictures and posts

-Using relevant Hashtags

-Participating in follow loops or engagement groups (Some don’t recommend)

Once you have your actions then you can schedule your activity and plan which days and times you are going to focus on that. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs and Twitter are easy to add content to and schedule as you can plan months in advance so on the dates it just posts to the site and then you just need to interact with people to follow up.

If you are a business and one of your goals is to network and connect with 3 other businesses to introduce your products and services to them then your first action may be some research in January or you may go to an event and gather some contacts, then email them in February and then follow up 3 months later, but keep interacting with them on social media in the interim. Likewise if you are a parent blogger you may attend ToyFair in January, get some contacts, then follow and interact with them on social media, then contact them in a couple of months with your details and what you can do for them and then see if they get back to you.

So with all that said what are your goals for 2019? What are your actions to get there?


5 thoughts on “SMART Goals for 2019

      1. Thank you so much! I started driving lessons in July but due to different things I’ve only had about 10 so I want to bump it up and get more done in a shorter space of time so I have that done and passed. I’m doing and Early Years Educator course and I’m absolutely loving it!


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