24 Days of Xmas: Michaela

Hello, my name is Michaela and I currently live in Amsterdam. I moved to Amsterdam from Barcelona after living there for 12 years. My passion is travelling and food that is why I started my blog about fun, food and travelling. In my blog you fill find tips for travelling, restaurant reviews and easy recipes. I started the blog 4 months ago and it is really starting to be my passion as I love interacting with other bloggers and see what I can learn from them.
My classic Xmas day is with my family in Prague. We have many traditions and beautiful Christmas market in the city center. First we have Xmas dinner and then we open presents, one by one so we can appreciate better all presents. It is a special time for me as I live far from family and this is the time of the year to spend with the whole family.

My tip for saving would be to buy all presents before and not to wait until the last weeks before Christmas. I really like organizing presents and surprises for my family long time ahead like trips or flight tickets.

For me the best present is to travel around the world which is also one of my dreams in the future.

Breakfast on Xmas morning is usually pretty late and we always have tea drinking in front of the TV watching Xmas Fairy tales.

We have Xmas dinner and presents, really spending time and love together, its always a great time!

My favorite Christmas song is Silent Night; we always sing it before we have Xmas dinner and its special moment in our family.
There is Xmas Czech Fairy tale which I have to see every Xmas, its kind of Czech Cinderella.

I always spend Christmas with my family, my mum, sister and my grandparents, its one time in the year; we are all together with no rush and relaxed.

For me, it is a special time to be with my family, spend the moment of love with them and see their surprised and happy faces when they open the presents.

The last question is hard to answer as for me I try to keep the meaning and spirit of Christmas every year. I guess it is pretty individual how you keep your Christmas but I really think that my family put extra effort to keep the Xmas spirit alive.


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