24 Days of Xmas: Kerry

Introducing Day 21 of Xmas – Kerry

1, Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you do, why did you start blogging?
I’m Kerry from Herding Cats. I’m 41, I’m a mum, wife and teacher. I started blogging properly when I found myself on adoption leave and in need of something to keep my mind ticking over. I blog about anything that takes my fancy to be fair but over time my book stuff is becoming more common. I try and do a non book review post at least once a week.

2. How do you spend Xmas day?
OUr Christmas day is quite traditional. We wake up and do gifts in the house/breakfast then get ready and go next door to visit my husband’s family for more gifts etc. It’s my father-in-laws birthday too so there’s usually a trip to the local club for a few celebration drinks with the wider family becfore returning and eating our dinner. I’ll be staying behind to drink prosecco with my mother-in-law this year as we have our daughter as well as our son and it’s not time to leave her yet – even for a short time (she’s 5 but they argue and she’s never been without us apart from school). After a lovely dinner with all the in-laws and our ever increasing family we get visits from the wider family and the kids play. The evening is a quieter affair which often results in us back at home playing with toys, games etc and just unwinding. On boxing day we go to my family in Yorkshire and do it all again.

3. Best money saving tip for Xmas?
I don’t really have one …I leave it all late and then I have to panic buy which often costs more so I guess my tip is to be organised. A good one too is watch out for offers on toys e.g. Argos 3 for 2 etc and make the most of black Friday but without the punch ups.
4. What present would you love to receive if money was no object?
I wouldn’t say no to a yacht, an Aston Martin or a librabry and reading room added onto the house.
5. Breakfast on Xmas morning usually consists of?
Bacon Sandwiches although our daughter will probably want pan au chocolate. If we are too excited and in a rush we just ask the kids to eat some fruit or something.

6. Do you do anything special on Xmas Eve to celebrate?
IN our town our local ccommunity centre has a christmas sleigh which comes around. Its great because the kids love to see it. We also do the usualy thing of leaving out Santa’s treats etc.
7. Favourite Xmas song and why?
I love Oh Holy Night although I’m not religious. It gives me the goosebumps. I am partial to a bit of Christmas music but I hate the Mariah Carey song – All I want for Christmas…..

8. Favourite festive film?
Harry Potter alwys feels festive even if not a sepcific Christmas film. I love The Holiday, Love Actually and The Snowman too.

9. Who do you spend Xmas with?
Everyone. It really is a massive family thing in both our families. We see people we don’t see that often and it’s just so good for everyone to get together in relaxed and happy circumstances.

10. What does Christmas mean to you?
For me it’s all about the kid’s. Their faces at different times during the season is just magical. It’s also a massive family occasion for me too. As a teacher, I love the buzz and sdtress around parties, card making and performances. I’m going to miss it this year being on leave. There’s nothing more chirstmassy than a promary school.

Do you think we have lost the original meaning of Christmas?
It depends on what your answer to the above question is. I’m not actually a person who thinkis it should be something specific. I do spend money – especially on the children and I do think it’;s commercial but I still see families having such an amazing time and that’s the meaning for me.
Kerry xxxxxxx



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