24 Days of Xmas: Margie

Meet our 20th Day of Xmas blogger Margie!

1. My name is Margie and I’m a teacher who has also become a family travel blogger. I started blogging because I continued to get requests on sharing our travel itineraries and reviews on places we visited. I decided to create a space to share that with our friends and it eventually turned into a family travel site. We recently moved from Florida and now are traveling the northeast and exploring New England.

2. Christmas starts with a 7:00 AM wake up from our children. We spend time as a family opening Christmas presents until about 9:00 AM, and then we visit my mother’s house. My sister and her family join us and we have breakfast and open presents as well. We then travel to my husband’s side of the family and have lunch there and stay until right before dinner time. At around 4:00 PM we go back home to sort presents and play with the kids.

3. My best advice to saving money is to shop Black Friday weekend and into Cyber Monday. I always finish all of my Christmas shopping that weekend. Chances are you are not going to find better deals later.

4. I would love to receive a cruise around the world with no expiration date. Now is not a great time to take a few months off and travel the world, but when we retire, I would love to travel to every continent.

5. Our Christmas breakfast is usually some type of egg dish with potatoes, mimosas, and sourdough bread.

6. Christmas Eve is a special night for us. We are Cuban American and the night before Christmas is known to us as “Nochebuena”. We roast a whole pig and have a traditional Cuban meal with rice and black beans, yucca and plantains. This meal is always a big event and the entire extended family gathers to celebrate the holiday season.

7. My favorite Christmas song is “Oh Holy Night”. I love the variations sung by so many artists and the tune is spectacular.

8. My favorite Christmas film is Elf. The movie is funny, family oriented and has that New York City Christmas charm.

9. Christmas is spent with family. Our family of 4, my parents, my sister and her family and my husband’s side.

10. Christmas is a special time to give to those you love. The traditions, the excitement of children opening presents and just the overall happiness of the day is something I look forward to each year. I do believe though, that Christmas has become very commercialized. We try to make sure to teach our kids to be grateful and appreciative for what they have and to give to others in need. Before Christmas and after Christmas, we donate clothes, toys, and other items to the needy.

Thank you,
Margie DQ
DQ Family Travel – https://www.dqtravel.net/

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