Hunkemoller Lingerie Review

Just because I am a mum doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a little sexy time with my husband, I believe intimacy and making an effort for my husband and him doing the same is super important in a relationship. Many people have children and forget about their relationship, they forget they need to make time for themselves and have kisses, snog and make an effort for each other. So me and the husband try and have a date night once a month where the kids are upstairs, you can even do this at home as we realise babysitters are sometimes hard to come by. Create a lovely atmosphere, maybe candles, a board game, have a nice romantic meal together, set the scene and then dress up, maybe hide your outfit under a trench coat or a dressing gown and surprise your other half.

I love dressing up and making an effort, So when I got the opportunity to review a Cami set from Hunkemoller I was delighted. The parcel arrived in the most beautiful box, inside it had a little text and pink and white stripe design, with nice fancy paper so it seemed wrapped with such effort and care.


I am not a small girl, I have always had a smallish waist, big hips, big bum and larger thighs so I am not the right shape for a thong, I just never feel comfortable in those but sometimes it is hard to find comfy pants to also feel sexy in. However when I put on these silky black pants with the red lace detail on the front and also the red lace detail on the bra cami top they felt so lovely on my skin, I felt sexy and confident even with my 36C breasts nicely supported and a Medium Size fitting my size 14 body really well.

The Hunkemoller website offers a huge selection outfits for your body shape in a wide variety of sizes. They offer lingerie, bras, knickers and even exercise wear. The website is easy to buy from and helps you find the correlating items to wear with it to complete the look which I liked. I also liked the colour scheme. They offer free shipping as well which is also an added bonus.

For these dark cold winter nights they also offer a fleece range and some very cutely decorated slipper socks so something for all year around. Whether your looking to be cosy snuggly and warm or your looking for something for date night with your partner Hunkemoller have something for you.

Check out their range here : Hunkemoller Lingerie

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