Call the Midwife Board Game Review

Have you heard about the new board game from Rachel Lowe out for Xmas this year? Have you ever seen Call the Midwife? Well now you can play the Call the Midwife Game in the comfort of your own home. A game for ages 8+ with between 2-4 players ideal for a Christmas day or a lazy Sunday.


We were gifted a copy of the board game and here are our thoughts. When we originally got the box it was delightful, the colours just pop and the front image is great, the dark red gives the box an air of quality. Once opened it took us about 10 minutes to pop out all the babies and sort the cards and characters ready to play.


The aim of the game is to deliver as many babies as you can avoiding delays and the setbacks you receive on the way. You have to travel to Nonnatus House where you start the game and pick up a delivery card that tells you where you need to go for the delivery. The first choice you make is your character, there are 4 to choose from to travel around the board.


Once you know where you are going, you can plan your route looking at the board, the cards are colour coded to help you out and then you roll the dice and travel to your destination. Just watch out though as there are other cards with set backs such as punctured bicycle tyres, failed deliveries or emergency calls to other locations that divert your attention.


The kids thought it was hilarious when they were all sent all over the shop and it was a race to the finish line as once all the 33 babies are delivered the first one back to the house gets the bonus baby. We had a situation where Mummy was already at the house so when Ruby landed on a square to get the last baby, mummy automatically got the bonus baby and won the game! Happy Mummy.


The box states the game lasts between 30-60 minutes depending on the number of the players and I would agree with that, we did play with a 6 year old as well as she was keen to play so it did take a few minutes longer but she loved the game so much she played again the next day as soon as she was home from school so I would say it is a family game that can be enjoyed at all ages. It isn’t even a game where you need to have watched the show, there’s no trivia or anything so its a great game for anyone to play.

We loved the simplicity of the game and the kids loved collecting the babies and the competition to get to the places and back to the house, you also get the opportunity with one of the cards to get twins and triplets so even more chances to win the babies. Summer loved the fact the babies were all in a swaddled blanket on their pieces. The board looks crisp and clean and I loved the colours. If we could change anything we would probably bring the age range down to around 6 years and up and have more variety in the Nonnatus cards.


At just £24.99 it is a great priced board game you can play again and again, if you love Call the Midwife they also offer a jumbo pack with this game, jigsaw and also a pack of cards for £40 on the Rachel Lowe website.


You can purchase the game here: Call the Midwife Board Game

Disclosure: Product gifted for review


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