24 Days of Xmas: Kat

1. Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you do, why did you start blogging?

Hi, I’m Kat! I live in Northern California with my husband and our 2 rambunctious kids. I work full-time from home which is what allowed us to start our family 7 years ago. We’re also one of those crazy homeschoolers. I recently started blogging a few months ago so I’m technically a newbie. I love to create and blogging has given me an outlet to do just that. I love that blogging can be whatever I want it to be.

2. How do you spend Xmas day?

On Christmas Day we like to sleep in. Our celebration typically starts on Christmas Eve so it’s very likely we’re still awake by 2 am. So on Christmas Day we all get up when we’re ready to and lounge all day in our pajamas.

3. Best money saving tip for Xmas?

Start shopping in the summer! By the time November rolls around, I’m usually done. Also, I like to follow couponing accounts on twitter. During the months I’m Christmas shopping, I turn on the notifications so I get the latest deals as soon as they’re up!

4. What present would you love to receive if money was no object?

Gosh, this is a fun one! I’d LOVE to be gifted a private jet. I mean, HELLO!!! That’d be the ultimate luxury and convenience with kids!

5. Breakfast on Xmas morning usually consists of?


6. Do you do anything special on Xmas Eve to celebrate?

Christmas Eve is when it all starts for us. We attend mass, then we hang out at my parent’s house and we all exchange gifts there. Then we head back home and do our own little Christmas celebration at midnight.

7. Favourite Xmas song and why?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It gives me all the feels.

8. Favourite festive film?

Right now, it’s The Grinch. The one with Jim Carrey. My kids recently watched it for the first time.

9. Who do you spend Xmas with?

Everyone!!! My family, my in-laws, friends!

10. What does Christmas mean to you? Do you think we have lost the original meaning of Christmas?

For me, Christmas means being with family and friends. Have we lost the original meaning of Christmas? I guess that depends on what your beliefs are.

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