Wicked Uncle Review

It is now only 15 days to go until Christmas and I haven’t got the kids anything, however Mondays are my day off my work so I planned a day where I wanted to just sort the shopping out in a day. However were was I supposed to start, I needed some inspiration and guidance as I had asked the kids but they didn’t really have any ideas.

Then I got offered the chance to review the Wicked Uncle website. I clicked on the link and was greeted with options of child gender and then age, which is a great idea as you can be guided by the ages for present ideas. I looked at the options for Kylo first by clicking 2 year old boy. Some of the choices were okay however there didn’t seem a huge choice for this age range of boy however there were 38 choices so this was a good selection. I do like the fact they tend to focus on the wooden toys, the more quality over quantity type things and the little bit more expensive toys. Next I clicked on the 6 year old girls toys and then the 8 year old girls section, both have an abundance of choices. I also let my girls choose by themselves and the layout made it easy for them to pick the choices they wanted and add them to the basket. They also have category choices so you can pick outdoor, chocolate or Brainiac categories to find all the products related to those. It was easy for my daughters to find something creative they liked so that was great. Next up – Bradley – He is 10 and only cares about his Xbox so choosing presents for him is really difficult. I was pleasantly surprised there were some great ideas for a boy like the National Geographic metal detector, or remote control flying vehicles. They also had lots of joke presents and ideas so we could easily be inspired.


The website once you have put what you want in your basket, you then create an account with a simple 4 questions. Once you have done that you are given the option to add gift wrap to your presents, the first present being £3.50 and the following presents being £1.75 each. I am not sure if there is a bulk discount for buying many more as it does seem a little steep however I guess they are buying the paper and wrapping so once it is delivered the whole job is done. You have the choice of around 10 gift wrap papers to choose from in different styles to suit different kids. On the next page you can add a gift card for £2.50 which would be ideal for a birthday present for someone or as a gift purchase. I really like this idea as it makes it super easy as all you have to do is a few clicks. Once you choose a gift card you can type in what you want it to say and then they print that in it for you or you can leave it blank so you write in yourself. Your next page offers for you to choose deliver of either Standard, Next Day or Collect in person so you have great options, then just click on go to pay and you can pay by card or Paypal. It also gives you the option to save kids birthdays so you remember for next time. Once ordered we received an instant confirmation email and I cannot wait until the order is here.

On the day before you get the item you are sent the tracking number so you can track your parcel and then a notification text message when it is delivered which is super helpful and it tells you whether the parcel was left in a safe place or a neighbour which is great. Once I came home I was greeted with a box but the nice thing was it had wickeduncle stickers and tape which I did like, the little finishing touches to the packaging.



The gifts inside are packed really well, we chose the DIY slime kit and the LED light as the girls liked these items the best in their section although there was so much choice they could have happily added to their basket the whole day.


The other thing I liked in the box is a gift reply sheet where you can delete the applicable words and then give it to the person who bought you the gift, so for example if you buy for a childs birthday and then they open it and they are presented with this little note so they can sent you a thank-you and let you know what they thought of the present. Here is what it says.


Overall a great website, with competitive prices, great inspiration for gifts, a quick and easy layout and ordering system where you can use paypal or pay by card. I would definitely recommend the site if you need to buy a gift for someone and also need a gift wrap service and a card for those short on time it is the perfect solution.

You can check out the website here : Wicked Uncle

(Disclosure: We were gifted a voucher towards the cost of our order, however the review of the site and experience is honest)

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