Gift Guide 2018

Here is my gift guide for the kids this Xmas 2018 – I hope you enjoy reading the products we recommend and have loved trying out the last few weeks.


Under £10

Playfoam Pals

These playfoam pals come in a nice box of 2 for around £6 so they are an ideal stocking filler. Each dome is opened to reveal a cute little toy and you get the playfoam to construct a nest and build something for your playfoam pal to live in. It is a world of fun unwrapping to see which toy you get, a construction element that you can play with time and time again and a collection feature as there are around 12 toys to collect.


Playfoam Pals

The Inventing Tubes Book

We love reading and my girls thoroughly enjoyed the Pasta Kids Book 1. Explore the different characters in this pasta filled inspirational book, with a couple of activities in the back. The second book from Bryony, ‘The Sorry Sticks’  has just come out in time for Xmas 2018. At £3.72 for the first book we think it is a great stocking filler present for Christmas.


The Inventing Tubes Book

Slime Baff 

We loved our slime bath, the girls thoroughly enjoyed this different product and at £5 it is a great gift for someone. It is easy to create and easy to wash away, I was actually surprised at how little mess it created. Zimplikids also have different products our girls loves including snowballs and also Gelli baff.


Slime Baff


These cute repeat your words back to you little devices look adorable and my girls loves recording words and having the mojimotos repeat it back to them, the batteries do seem to wear out pretty quick but they are a £10 present plus postage and the girls pretty much used them until they ran out.



40th Anniversary Snowman Coin

How about a present that is a little different? How about something that will be more of a token memory for safekeeping? Something pretty and unique? To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the snowman the Royal Mint have made a number of 50p coins and you can purchase one as a gift. The coin comes in beautiful packaging to preserve it and for the amazing price of just £10 it is a lovely stocking filler. You may also choose to buy the book to read to the children to add to the experience and gift.

Snowman Anniversary Coin

Little Brian Paint Sticks

These 24 mini paint sticks have a variety of colours, are ideal for little hands and can be used over and over again. The cost is around £10 including postage from Amazon and are ideal from toddler age to older kids who love to paint without the mess. They have a huge selection of different paints for different surfaces that don’t need water and they are ideal for smaller hands – Essentially paint without the mess.


Little Brian Paint Sticks

Under £15


This gorgeous little teddy in a blanket aptly named Cutetito, these are new little teddies for 2018, you unwrap the surprise and find out whether you have a mild, medium or spicy burrito and see which character you unwrap. My girls loved the teddy and the blanket has Velcro so you can wrap the teddy as much as you like. The cost of these are between £10-13 so ideal for a stocking filler for kids who love teddies and collectables. There are 12 to collect and they feature a range of different cuddlies.



Under £20 


Bobby the bus rascal pack is more of a practical present and I love practical presents. For £20 this cute bobby the bus designed backpack is an ideal present for kids aged 2-7 who need somewhere to put their books and things to transport them around. My son uses his for nappies, wipes and dummies to take to nursery and then for treats when we go out on a weekend.



Googly Eyes 

A gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a fun board game. Googly eyes involves three different difficulties of lenses so you wear the glasses which help you not to see, then you have to draw pictures for your team mates to guess, if they guess correct you move around the board and if your team gets to the end first you win. The only problem is you need at least 4 players to player but either way its a fabulous fun game for all the family and on offer at £9.99 Amazon at the moment so an Xmas present.



Googly eyes by university games

Plus Plus Blocks

The plus plus blocks Ferry Set aimed at kids aged 5-12 retailing around £17.00 is a brilliant presents for kids who like to build and get creative. It comes with 480 pieces all in the shape of a jigsaw piece and you put them together as per the instructions. They have a whole heap of other sets of plus plus blocks for toddlers right through to bigger kids at a whole range of price points. I do like the ferry though as it does take a couple of hours to build and you can build and rebuild as much as you like so you do get value for money with these blocks.


Plus plus blocks ferry set

Rescue Runts

Also new for 2018 are the rescue runts, the pets that you have to love back to life by taking care of them, removing fleas, removing their bandages, brushing their fur and cleaning their paws. Ideal for potential vets and also to teach children about love and animal care. The rescue runts cost around £18.


Rescue Runts

Festival Face Tattoos

At between £12-18 these festival face tattoos are ideal as a present that gives you a whole host of tattoos with an easy to put on sponge and easy to remove with the solution. There are a great selection of tattoos from hears and decorations to unicorns and pretty glittery designs.


Festival Glitter Tattoos


Under £30

My Fairy Light Garden 

This beautiful toy for the aspiring gardener, creator and lover of all things pretty is the My fairy light garden. Step one is where you put all the garden together using hand eye co ordination, the ability to follow instructions and also your eye for detail to make a pretty garden, then you get the soil and plant the seeds included, water them for a few days and watch your garden grow. The My fairy light garden also has a candle light inside where if you blow it, the light lights up and if you blow again it goes out and plays a lovely little melody. The cost for this between £20-30. You can make the garden again and again and you just trim the grass down, it does grow very quick and pretty high, even we were amazed at how well it grew.


My fairy light garden

Under £50 

Okido Magazine Subscription

What do you buy a child who has everything? Who doesn’t really know what they need? My daughter is extremely difficult to buy for but earlier this year we discovered Okido magazine, they have a yearly subscription for £50 so you get a 48 page magazine every month for 12 months. The magazines are beautiful and include many activities and interesting information for the kids. Me and Summer went through the magazine together and had a great mum and daughter session, we would thoroughly recommend.


Okido Magazine Subscription



Disclosure: Products were gifted for review.








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