24 Days of Xmas: Lisa/Casey + Barrett

1. We are Lisa, Casey and Barrett Dog from Independence, Kentucky. Both of us are in the emergency medical services field. Lisa also is a substitute teacher and Casey works as a safety specialist, while Barrett Dog stays at home. We love to travel to different cities, states and also enjoy trying new restaurants so we decided to share our adventures with others so that they could MakingMemoriesInStyle.
2. Christmas Day is broken into the morning being spent at home so that we may open gifts from each other and watch Barrett enjoy the new toys that came for him. The second half is spent with Casey’s family opening any gifts that “suddenly” appeared, then followed with a Christmas meal and more playing with cousins and their gifts.
3. Our best money saving tip is start early. A lot of places have Christmas in July sales and that’s a great way to knock a lot off your list. Buying things early lets you get the items you want and at a savings.
4. If money was no object I’d like a house directly on the water at Coronado Island facing the city of San Diego.
5. Christmas morning breakfast is eggs with bacon, ham and toast.
6. On Christmas Eve we drive around the city and look at Christmas lights then before bed we put out gifts.
7. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. Growing up I remember every Christmas it snowed and as time changes those snow days are less frequent and wished more and more. Snow adds a sense of peace to the season.
8. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
9. I spend Christmas with Casey, Barrett Dog and Casey’s family.
10. Christmas means to me as a time to come together and rejoice in the things that we have. Ex: health, happiness and family. A time to give instead of receive to share with others and enjoy the company. Yes, I believe Christmas has become to commercialized. To much “you need this or this.”

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