Cutetitos Review

Step aside turkey, this Christmas is all about the burrito! Get ready for cuteness-overload this yule as kids across the UK unwrap and unroll Cutetitos! The spiciest new collectable soft toy pets hit UK shelves this December and, at just £9.99, are set to be the hottest must-have!

Summer was given the opportunity to be gifted a Cutetito and she was delighted when it arrived wrapped in its little blanket with some foil covering so we couldn’t see what was inside, she unwrapped and found…..

There’s nothing more snuggly than a warm, happy pet wrapped up like a burrito – and Cutetitos brings this social media pet-wrapping trend to life in toy form! Each Cutetito is a loveable, high quality 7.5-inch soft toy animal wrapped in a super-soft burrito blanket.


There are 12 different pets to collect – simply unwrap and unroll the burrito to reveal the surprise puppito, catito, slothito, pigto, bunnito, bearito or monkito! Purrrrrfectito!


Each Cutetito also has a personality “Hot Spot” that’s discovered when they’re unwrapped. It relates to their rarity level – will you find a mild, medium, hot or super spicy Cutetito?  Summer got a mild bellito which she adores, she is even taking it to school to show all her friends so they can all enjoy cutetitos together.


Our review – For the price it is a great little cute puppito teddy and the blanket looking like a burrito are adorable, Summer loves all her teddies and her bed is full of them so it will be very well looked after with Summer. Summer loved the teddy and couldn’t wait to open it and show all her friends so I guess it is a winner and she is 8 so I thought it maybe too young for her but she still likes the teddies.

Cutetitos £9.99, available from all good toy stores. Suitable for ages 3+

(Disclosure: Products gifted for review)

3 thoughts on “Cutetitos Review

  1. These actually look quite awesome! 😂
    My daughter (9yrs) is into all the little toys at the minute, the ones with tiny accessories that get lost or eaten by the smaller and lesser brainpowered children! 🙈 These would be a fab idea for her, she loves collecting and these look super cute and less appetising for the younger ones (or at least id hope so)!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,
    Laura xx


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